6 Reasons Why You Should Create & Collect NFTs with BictoryNFT

NFTs are Mainstream, which means NFT marketplaces too. These platforms facilitate the creation, or as NFT folks would say, minting, and the exchange of NFTs between creators and collectors. Opensea happens to be the biggest NFT marketplace in the space at the moment with monthly transaction volumes grossing billions of dollars. There are other rival NFT marketplaces which include LooksRare, MagicEden, NiftyGateway etcetera. And now there’s a budding NFT marketplace positioning itself to win this game of thrones. That marketplace is BictoryNFT.

Designed & Developed by Bictory Finance, BictoryNFT is a curated, compliant, and creator-centric NFT marketplace that aggregates brands, celebrities, and artists and gives them a platform to express, exhibit, and tokenize their content. The team has studied and learned a lot from the existing marketplaces and the recent happenings in the space and has used these lessons to create a better solution for creators and collectors. Here are 6 solid reasons why you should use the BictoryNFT marketplace as a creator or a collector;

User-friendliness plays a major role in user retention in the web3 space. A common cry all over is how difficult dapps are to use. BictoryNFT is designed to get a user from signing up as a collector or creator to owning or minting their NFTs in just a few steps. Via mobile or PC, after signup, the user can either just use the wallet connect feature, or scan the barcode respectively, to complete a mint or purchase transaction in a few seconds.

Low Fees
Whether it’s on-chain fees or the charges on transactions, BictoryNFT keeps it low. BictoryNFT, as a multi-chain marketplace, has selected chains with almost zero fees for network charges and charges less than 2% on transactions. This fee can even be made lower by some custom features and packages which more information will be provided soon.

Regulation is a controversial subject not just in the NFT space but the entire Web3 palace. There’s the beneficial side of lowering the number of bad actors in the space but then there’s also the not-so-desirable aspect of the loss of privacy. BictoryNFT marketplace chooses to balance these two sides of the regulatory coin as it leverages Concordium — the PoS reg-compliant blockchain — to be on the right side of regulators already approaching the NFT space, whilst still maintaining user privacy.

Custom Royalties
Royalties in NFTs are a passive income machine for creators. For any of their content, they could continue earning from it even after the income from the direct NFT sale. While some NFT marketplaces either do not allow creators to set their royalties and fix it to a figure as they please, as a creator-centric platform, creators are given the flexibility to set what their NFT royalties will be for every secondary sale of their NFTs.

The BictoryNFT is just one of the products in the Bictory safe DeFi & NFT ecosystem and it is designed to integrate seamlessly with other products in the Bictory product suite, including its NFT collection, centralized and decentralized exchange, increasing the possibilities/potentials of the marketplace.

Launchpads & Custom-packages
BictoryNFT also serves as a platform for creators to launch their collections on the marketplace exposing them to our ecosystem user base as determined by the holders of our utility token as well as helping creators design backing utilities for these collections in the different packages that BictoryNFT offers.

With a flexible and inclusive design in Bictory’s product suite, BictoryNFT unlocks several potentials for all of the creators in the NFT space as well as collectors when we consider some of the user convenient features outlined above. Without considering the future versions and iterations of the BictoryNFT marketplace, what our marketplace offers is already proving quite irresistible.



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