A New Bictory Face — Bictory Website Update!

Bictory Website Update

The wind of Bictory is moving powerfully. Do you feel it? As the Bictory Project advances in its timeline, more carefully crafted content becomes necessary to communicate its vision, mission, and objectives. Our vision of becoming the Safe Haven for Global, DeFi, NFT investors, and builders has been our underlying design principle in building out our products.

The nascent cryptocurrency industry is in dire need of guardrails to curb all of the existing misdemeanours. Both human and contract exploitations are becoming the norm; users and Creators are losing millions of dollars to faceless exploiters. Some are kind enough to return all or some of the funds they’ve successfully whisked away, and some are not. What’s most worrisome is the complete helplessness of the space to nab these intruders.

Creators and investors need shelter to shield them from all of the flaming projectiles launched towards them by these hackers. This is what Bictory is committed to building, right from the very foundations. We understand that to achieve this, Bictory Finance must take extreme care to dot the i’s and cross the t’s with every product we put out into the market. This, the team has dedicated itself to.

Today we are happy to announce that we’ve launched an updated and redesigned website to the Bictory taste, one that shows the care, precision, and attention to detail the team applies in building its range of products.
The black and gold color-themed website describes the constituents of the entire Bictory economy and its technology in brevity. To supplement that, It also provides the necessary documents needed to dive deep into understanding Bictory’s journey to delivering its hydra-headed suite of products and the opportunity that abounds its target market.

As an added surprise, we officially unveil the experienced, well-connected, and dedicated team tilling the virgin lands of Concordium and soon other blockchains. Our partners, investors, and advisors remain published on this new face of the project.

Visit Bictory.io and tell us what you think about our site!

Don’t forget that we have just launched the waitlist for the BictoryNFT Terrestria collection!
Sign up here: https://nft.bictory.io

Team Bictory Finance.

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