Announcing Bictory’s Strategic Partner and Investor Legion Ventures

Dear Bictory Community,

Once again, we are thrilled to bring you another announcement just days after our last. Today it is our pleasure to announce another investor and partner in Bictory Finance. That partner is Legion Ventures!

About Legion Ventures

Legion and Bictory

Organic social media engagement

Legion has built up an online community of 3000+ individuals which they will be leveraging to compound our social media metrics.

Content Creation

Legion will help us with content creation through infographics, articles, and potentially videos.

KOL Interactions

Legion is working closely with a number of KOL in the space to drive attention toward Bictory Finance.


Legion will also provide incentivized giveaways. This will also result in more engagement on our social media posts

Our hats are off to them for giving us the opportunity to grow together!
We also want to say thank you to our great community for continuing to support us on this journey!

About Bictory Finance

-The Bictory Finance Team

Bictory Finance:

Legion Ventures:

Bictory: CEX/DEX and Crowdfunding Project on the Concordium blockchain.