Announcing Concordium Projects — Concordium’s Ecosystem Explorer

Necessity is a mother that births new children almost every instant. It’s not only because she constantly gets impregnated by human wants, which are insatiable, but because many times those desires become strong enough, they become a need that requires committed action to meet. If necessity doesn’t come up with a naming system soon enough, she might not have names for all of her kids — inventions.

The case is the same for Concordium, a blockchain that lays the foundation to meet some of the most pressing needs of the new web — Web3. Cryptocurrencies, Non-fungible tokens, smart contracts, all birthed from blockchain technology, are changing the way we perceive and interact with value. For the most part, it’s making value exchange more convenient and instantaneous; we know this because we have tasted the pudding. It tastes pretty good. But don’t take our word for it; let’s allow data to speak for these next-gen technologies. The Non-Fungible Tokens market traded over $21B in the past year, and in just two weeks of the first month of a new year, Opensea, the most used NFT marketplace, has surmounted its monthly ATH trading volume of over $3B.

This points the spotlight at Cryptocurrencies, with an all-time high of over $3T in market capitalization (currently settling just over $2T), thousands of DeFi projects across chains with a total value locked shy of $95B. We can convincingly state that the cryptospace is growing by leaps and bounds. To a good measure of accuracy, we can also satisfactorily predict that a blockchain solution that takes away most of the troubles of its current state would grow just as fast. Announcing Concordium Projects (CP) — an ecosystem explorer and information portal to track the development progress of our native blockchain and make freely available beginner and advanced level crypto and NFT Materials — It is Live! See here.

Concordium Project Features

As more dapp developers seek to build on regulatory-compliant grounds as we have, they will come to find Concordium. The explorer will serve as a channel for these creators to showcase their dapps to the ecosystem and learn about other similar projects proposing similar value, including how well they are performing, as the explorer is positioned to be the largest data aggregator of projects across guilds on the blockchain. These guilds include Wallets, DeFi, Tooling, Developers, Staking, etcetera. The rank section is an indiscriminate library of all the dapps on Concordium sorted out in descending order of TVL by default. If you’d like to see the bottom of the ranks, the order can easily be flipped bottom up too.

However, this is where the Concordium fence ends. Every other material and catalogue that this portal will hold extends beyond the concordium ecosystem, including the NFT calendar, a catalogue of upcoming NFT projects. Within the NFT catalogue, defaulted to all projects compiled across all chains, the user can easily select specific chains to view the NFT projects on there solely. Although these NFT or Dapp Project Listings do not signify endorsement from Bictory Finance, we can guarantee the user that the information provided has been reviewed and deemed clean and correct, suitable for use for diligent personal research. The information provided about NFT projects includes the project website, creation date and registration date on CP’s calendar, all social channels, a few collection images, a project banner, and a short description. Conversely, for dapp projects on the network information captured by ConcordiumProjects dapp library includes:

  • A short description.
  • Project’s social channels.
  • Token price and market capitalization.
  • Total value locked (if DeFi).

ConcordiumProjects also provides a basic price chart to display the project’s token price journey across three different timeframes, with a month being the maximum.

Developers can find the most use of ConcordiumProjects from the updated link list and performance of Concordium’s RPC servers. RPC is an acronym for Remote Procedure Calls. It’s a communication protocol that allows one computer to execute commands of another. It’s the communication protocol between blockchain nodes, aka web3 servers and client dapps. On the RPC tab on ConcordiumProjects, developers can find the links to the live Concordium testnets and mainnet networks.

Please note this feature, in addition to some others, will not be available at launch.

The icing on this cake is the articles tab. Building on the virgin lands of Concordium is akin to sailing in uncharted waters. The fourth-generation blockchain offers possibilities that stand a good chance of pushing the mainstream use of virtual assets. As a public PoS chain, It offers core-level ID authentication, swift block finality, and stable low fiat fees denominated in CCD (its native token). Although this may just be an introduction to our parent blockchain, the complexity is already above level 10. This convinces the Bictory Finance team to make available alongside the ecosystem explorer a knowledge portal where crypto normies and adepts can learn about everything about cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, and the latest from their favorite projects on the Concordium blockchain.

This content library will hold a wide-ranging array of knowledge from Concordium and Bictory to DeFi, NFT, and Cryptocurrencies. As novel dapps spring up on Concordium or other external chains, suiting reviews and how-to tutorials will be created in the respective categories on Concordium Projects to ease accessibility.

Without an atom of doubt, we believe that a myriad of projects will start building on Concordium as it brings a salivating offering to the infant cryptospace. We expect to see even some well-established projects on other chains migrate to Concordium because of the necessity of regulatory compliance or keeping fees at bay. It will be the next project you find yourself reading about on the Concordium ecosystem explorer when this happens.



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