Announcing New Investor and Partner OIG

Oracles Investment Group(OIG) is a decentralized global investment platform for crypto investors who are seeking to catch gems in this space before it hits the public domain. The team is made up of highly experienced cryptopreneurs who conduct fundamental analysis in projects they onboard for the longer term benefits of their community members. OIG’s core mission is to provide a spot for individual investors within the Venture Capital niche in early stage funding of crypto startups.

Oracles Investment Group and Bictory Finance

Oracle Investment can offer a myriad of services to assist Bictory Finance develop its products and reach the user base it needs in the long run.

Among the services provided, notable of them is their efforts in marketing. OIG has reliable contacts in the marketing firm to support the strategic marketing plan of Bictory Finance. In our quest to spread awareness about Bictory Finance, we can use the effort from any of our partners to reach every corner of the crypto industry.

Furthermore, they have an experienced team of in-house developers who can equally help in the auditing or better still having a second look at all deployed smart contracts. It’s always a good thing to have several reviews of smart contracts and platforms to ensure maximum security to our users and their funds. Bictory Finance platform is being built to withstand any cyber security threat.

This partnership will go a long way especially when Bictory Finance starts deploying bridges to offer our products to other Blockchain networks apart from Concordium. We can also use the global networking force of Oracles Investment Group to achieve this in our plans to go crosschain with our products.

Oracle Investment Group is known to do intensive fundamental research into any of the early stage projects it invests into and we are glad to have passed their rigorous testing. This further assures us of our business strategy and the fact that we are on the right path in growing Bictory Finance successfully.

About Bictory Finance

Bictory Finance is a hybrid exchange (CEX and DEX) and a Crowdfunding platform for projects building on Concordium with plans on going cross-chain in the nearest future. Bictory Finance would provide the holistic substrate that crypto startups need right from raising funds, building communities and listing on exchanges.

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About Oracles Investment Group

OIG is a global coordinated team of individuals who combine distinct market insights with intensive fundamental analysis in selecting crypto projects that need early funding. This gives their community an opportunity to invest in early stage of solid projects.

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