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Bictory brings innovations in Centralized Exchange (CEX) and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on one platform that blends modernity, sturdy security, and premium user experience. We offer an Interoperable and multi-chain environment anchored on an intuitive Blockchain with an on-chain identity layer.

Satoshi Nakamoto gave us financial autonomy by simulating Blockchain technology for the good of humanity. As a community, we have come a long way but swiftly evolving and subduing countless shortfalls and challenges.

CEX is a stark irony of the entire philosophy of Cryptocurrency, which stands on the principle of Peer-to-Peer (p2p). Not your keys, not your coin is a well-known saying in Cryptosphere, implying if you store your digital assets on an exchange or with any third party, there is nothing like a guarantee of your ownership.

By getting it wrong via running a decentralized system on a centralized infrastructure, we have paid dearly to the point of denting even adoption. The security breaches and compromises with billions of users’ funds appropriated on central exchanges that dominated news headlines were debilitating for the industry.

Nevertheless, the transition from custodial wallets and Centralized Exchanges to non-custodial wallets and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) is exclusively remarkable and resilient. The advent of DEX has handed us an alternative that fulfills the aspirations of the founders of Cryptocurrency.

Bictory Offers Both Worlds

Our priority is to develop a functional and solid trading platform for the exchange of Crypto assets in a centralized and decentralized setting. From the onset, we will list tokens from the Concordium ecosystem, followed by other assets with enormous trading volumes, subsequently attracting liquidity to Bictory.

Leveraging Concordium, a privacy-centric, public, and permissionless Blockchain, Bictory deploys a portal that facilitates developers, liquidity providers, and traders to exchange value in a decentralized environment.

Our protocol extends the new and old in the exchange market with a fresh outlook designed to be quick, reliable, cheaper, and ideal for real-world utilization.

Both Bictory CEX and DEX have modernized features that suit your needs and requirements in whatever you are looking for in buying, selling, and swapping virtual currencies. With a cross-chain underlying technology, we support Ethereum, Solana, GTU, Polkadot, among others.

Concordium’s on-chain identity has an added advantage for users of our platform that solves one notable headache in the Crypto exchange market. This hallmark render Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) seamless on our platform.

Bictory’s native currency of BT Token as a utility will power various functions in the ecosystem. It will offer numerous preferential treatments like discount on transaction fees, rewards for liquidity providers, token listing fees, and many more.

Bictory CEX

Our Centralized Exchange presents an upper-level peculiarity derived from Concordium’s versatile Blockchain. Its functionality is comparable to a DEX.

Traders have at their disposal margin and spot trading, user portfolio management tools, and multiple advanced order books. Additionally, if you are looking for lower fees and faster transactions, it is your best ally.

Bictory CEX was designed with robust security in mind to give users the peace of mind they deserve. This measure is to ensure malicious actors have no chance of accessing users’ hard-earned funds.

Moreover, the user experience is top-notch, unlike several Centralized exchanges in the sector. Accordingly, it comes with a spectacular UI/UX experience you can think of in the space.

Bictory DEX

At Bictory, we believe that innovation should not be hijacked by higher gas fees and slow transaction speed. DeFi is growing at an incredible rate, but the nemesis here is the astronomical transaction cost arising from Ethereum’s inability to scale.

However, Concordium’s scalability allows Bictory DEX to offer cheaper and faster transactions. The platform can rob shoulders with centralized gateways with features such as Liquidity Pool Creation, Issuance of new Assets, Assets Ratios, Fee Ratios, On-Chain Market Making, and Crowd Pooling.

Bictory DEX stimulates p2p with non-custodial wallets, which means our community does not need to surrender their private keys when buying, selling, and swapping Crypto in an automated manner.

Further, Liquidity Providers (LP) have the opportunity to earn passive income by offering liquidity to their preferred pair on a 1:1 ratio. LPs get a share of 0.1 transaction cost anytime there is an execution of a trade.

We empower Liquidity Providers with a dedicated community communication server to interact with each other based on the dimension of their hodlings. Again, Bictory DEX applies Proactive Market Making (PMM) to engage Automated Market Making (AMM), including the Bictory CEX order book, to prevent slippage and higher fees.

We have built a platform that has less slippage and more aggregation for optimum usage. Along the line, the DEX will extend to other chains like Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Solana, and others.

Coming Soon…

Bictory CEX and DEX are currently in development with plans to release the alpha version of the CEX in the 3rd Quarter Roadmap 2021. The trading community will have a taste of its comfort and excellent products and services soon.

Watch out for more details and updates, rewards, and referrals coming along with these exchange products Bictory brings to the Crypto space. Trading will have a new touch of simplicity, security and flexibility on our CEX and DEX.

Join Bictory Finance

Bictory has more to offer the global community of Cryptocurrency irrespective of your geographical jurisdiction. Read the Bictory Litepaper to know more about our proposition, and join our various social media channels.

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