Bictory Finance — August Recap

It is euphoric building Bictory Finance with a dedicated team scattered across the world. We warmly welcome everyone to the month of September with the anticipation that it’d be kind to us in these unpredictable times.

But August was remarkable and saw the hard work we put in expanding our frontiers and mission. It was special since it ended the third quarter of our roadmap on a good note.

We are growing every day on every front, making the journey of building Bictory Finance worthwhile. Technical development is going on as scheduled while our community and team keep growing.

3rd Quarter Roadmap Achieved

Talking of roadmap, we are jubilant to announce that we accomplished our target for the 3rd quarter of 2021. Our team managed to consummate the following deliverables as we set out to do:

  • Concordium Grant Application

Hence, we are on course to deliver the best experience in the digital assets exchange and crowdfunding market. Our solution is a firm foundation of security, lower fees, quicker transactions in decentralized mode, and transparency.

The 4th quarter will see us working tirelessly, as usual, to deliver our goals for the good of financial sovereignty and humanity in general. We’re focusing on the following tasks:

  • Alpha Launch of Bictory CEX

At the end of this quarter, we will update you about how the implementation went, and we hope to come back to you with good news.

Market Square Partnership

We continued building partnerships and bridges among stakeholders in the Crypto space to leverage synergies for sustainable growth, and our latest partnership clinched in August was with Market square. The Blockchain aggregator listed Bictory Finance on their platform.

The exciting part of the development is the insightful video they made about Bictory Finance to commemorate the partnership. You can watch the video on our social channels like Twitter, Telegram Announcement, etc.

kindly check out Bictory on Market Square here:

Concordium Casual Friday: Voice Chat

Bictory had the opportunity to be featured on Concordium’s Casual Friday. The forum, which is a voice chat on telegram, is immensely beneficial when you consider the diverse nature of Concordium.

It was a chance to tap into the community of our parent Blockchain while updating them about our project and networking with like-minded groups and individuals. There was a stimulating Questions & Answers Session as well.

We are looking forward to more such events to expose Bictory to the right communities and cooperatives. Thanks a lot, Concordium community, for inviting us, including all the tremendous support to our project.


AMAs are an excellent means to sell the project couple by getting more people into our community. The interactions are fruitful, bringing us closer to other groups and communities in the space.

Bictory is maintaining engagement with traders, investors, hodlers, developers, influencers, and other stakeholders in the Cryptosphere. With respect for their interest in us, we have always offered prizes to our audience who pose intriguing questions.

In August, we had only one AMA to discuss the Bictory platform and the suite of market-ready products we bring to the space. We plan to have more events in this regard in September to keep the tempo going.

Social Media Competition

The final Social Media Competition is still running unabated as more people win prizes. As we have always emphasized, competitions are just one of the ways in which we reward our community for the kind support.

Just as before, community members received prizes for their support of undertaking tasks for us. Providing support on social media to the project is the requirement to win a prize.

Join the train if you haven’t done that yet to help build the project that will change the face of the industry. Check the Bictory Twitter page for more information and how to participate.

The team had a ton of fun giving back to our community through the social competitions. Don’t be left out since Bictory Finance has other fun things in store for you!

Our mission is to contribute futuristic products and services never experienced in the market. Our locus includes implementing a global Crypto community as we provide the most reliable ecosystem and endeavor to give instinctive and savvy products.

Kindly read the Bictory Litepaper to know more about what we are diligently administering and presenting to the world of digital assets. Read about all of the issues concerning Bictory Finance and ask all the puzzles on your mind.

And don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels for current updates about the project. Always stay safe in these challenging and uncertain times!

Stay Bictory!

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