Bictory Finance — July Recap

Hey Bictorians,

We had an impressive July 2021, building Bictory Finance, especially with the kicking-off of the execution of our 3rd quarter roadmap. We are still making progress towards delivering our products.

Our commitment to delivering an innovative decentralized Finance economy bridging the old with the new combining hybrid of chains is growing daily. Noticeably, we are expanding our frontiers, with July registering remarkable gains.

The marketing team has been hard at work to build a solid and engaged community. We held competitions, AMAs, launched our BitcoinTalk Announcement and released some excellent articles that showcase why Bictory is not like our competitors.


Through AMAs, we keep interacting with groups of diverse backgrounds in the Blockchain arena. These groups involve traders, investors, hodlers, developers, influencers, etc.

The sessions are amply interactive, allowing the group administrators to thoroughly ask about all the aspects of the Bictory Finance ecosystem. Subsequently, community members can ask any question, then the admins and our team will select those questions that weren’t covered under the first segment to answer.

In total, we had four AMA sessions with groups that have more than three hundred thousand members combined. The communities we engaged were TehmoonwalkeR, Crypto Revolution, BlockTalks, and Daku Crypto Robinhooder.

Social Media Competition

For months, Bictory Finance is engaging the Crypto community on Twitter through our Weekly Social Media Competition. The rationale behind the contest is to have people perform tasks on social media, and the top participants receive a prize in USDT.

In July, we held two weekly Social Media competitions with attractive prizes. Thousand of actions completed by the participants include Tweeting, Retweeting, sharing, liking, commenting, and viewing our social media posts.

Community Expansion

The Bictory Finance social media channels have improved significantly. Our Twitter impressions grew by almost 50%, our followers grew by 37%, and our mentions increased by 88%!

On Instagram, where we recently started a community, we have grown to 378 followers and still counting. The Bictory Finance Telegram channel has nearly doubled in users and is now at 1,506 members!

Our focus is to build a solid project as a priority while building an energetic community alongside. In the coming weeks, there will be more activities and commitments seeking to expand our community.

Technical Update

We have commenced in-house testing pending the Alpha launch of our Centralized Exchange (CEX) in July as well. The development of the DEX is in steady pace as we are still waiting on Concordium to release full details of their smart contracts. Bictory hybrid Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that comes with the novel Proactive Market Making (PMM), which is going to revolutionalize AMM.

Bictory Finance includes a Crowdfunding platform that will cater to the fundraising needs of projects that will deploy on our parent Blockchain — Concordium. The month saw our team pouring more time and other resources into the launchpad to ensure its readiness for the market by the beginning of the 4th quarter.

Join Bictory Economy

Bictory is creating the future today with the most reliable products and services. We are striving to deliver high-performance and market-ready products in the digital asset market.

Remember to read the Bictory Litepaper to understand what this holistic project is bringing to the space. Kindly take the time to follow us on social media for updates about the exciting path we are exploring.

NB: We will be updating the community every month regarding the developmental progress of the products of Bictory Finance.

Stay safe in these difficult times! Stay Bictory!

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A Safe Place — CEX | DEX | NFT Marketplace | Concordium Name Service (CNS) — Building across Chains.

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A Safe Place — CEX | DEX | NFT Marketplace | Concordium Name Service (CNS) — Building across Chains.

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