Bictory Finance’s Early Success

Building and developing have never come easy, and it takes the determined ones to sail through, especially in such a competitive space as crypto. It’s been a while now since we commenced development, and we are happy to give you a snapshot of all the developments that have come so far and what you should look out for in the coming weeks ahead. Below is a recap of the milestones achieved so far.

Private Sale

If you felt left out of our Private Sale, you certainly did not miss out on anything. We reserved a seat, especially for our early supporters. We are currently receiving proposals from interested participants of Private Sale C. A total of 6M $BT Tokens with a price of $0.75 are available to purchase in this round. However, members on our waiting list will have a priority in the order of participation.

We have successfully closed the rounds from seed sale to private sale B with an amount of $3.15M.

Concordium Mainnet is Live

Bictory is building on top of Concordium, a privacy-centric, public, and permissionless Blockchain, utilizing the Concordium blockchain network to create a slew of high-performance and market-ready products in the crypto space. Our upcoming products include Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Custodial Exchange (CEX), and Crowdfunding platform.

Here is the good news, as of 9th June 2021, Concordium is finally LIVE! It indicates the genesis of Concordium Blockchain

Advisors and Investors

Once again, it is a great pleasure to highlight the pillars of Bictory Finance Advisory Team. CEO of Kylin Network, Dylan Dewdney joined in hand with Bictory Finance as Strategic Advisor and Investor. He was later joined in the pew by Protokol Co-Founder & CTO, Kristjan Kosic. He is heading the affairs as Strategic and Tech Advisor. The latest addition to the Advisory Team is Lars Rensing, the CEO of Protokol and Co-founder of Ark as our Strategic Advisor.

Bictory Finance’s Latest Investor and Strategic Partner

In our quest to provide a complete financial solution to early-stage crypto projects building on Concordium, we need to form strategic partnerships with crypto institutions that would contribute to Bictory Finance’s mission.

As part of a joint effort to grow and expand Bictory Finance in the crypto space, we have sought to collaborate with some renowned crypto institutions and venture capital firms. We are very excited to have all of our partners on board joining and supporting us.

Château Crypto

Chateau Crypto is a European-based Venture Capital with rich networks of crypto media, influencers, entrepreneurs, and investment groups from the Netherlands and across the crypto space. It will help Bictory Finance grow its community through its extensive media and marketing influence in the Netherlands and globally.

BlockchainHouse Market Marketing Pro

BlockchainHouse carries out consulting, educational, marketing, and legal support of projects. They also connect and gather all people from the crypto communities whose demand and supply can be met, such as startups with investors.

For the past four years, BlockchainHouse has been providing market-making services to cryptocurrency projects. Market Making Pro, a software by Blockchain House, provides algorithmic solutions for managing crypto assets on more than 20+ cryptocurrency exchanges. Having BlockchainHouse on board provides mutual benefit as Bictory Finance will have both Centralized and Decentralized exchanges. Thus, by having Market Making for cryptocurrencies that list on our exchange is essential to attract listings and provide confidence and security to our investors.

Legion Ventures

Legion Ventures is a community-driven, privately funded venture capital firm specialized in cryptocurrency assets and blockchain projects. Providing community access to 6 organically developed communities with over 95,000 active members and 250+ active investors, we believe it will help in strengthening our impact on society. They also provide the following added benefits such as KOL interactions, content creations, competitions, and more.

Avalon Wealth Club

Avalon Wealth Club (AWC) is a dynamic group of Crypto Investors, Real Estate, and Event Organizers. With over 20 years of experience working and coordinating in this space hence have the best of marketing experts, blockchain veterans, etc. With their belief that innovative ideas deserve recognition. Therefore outstanding projects should be acknowledged by helping crypto projects execute their ideas into reality. Thus, the strategic partnership with AWC provides support in the form of funding, marketing, exposure through their rich influencer network, and offering advisory services where needed will be great exposure.


HiLabel collaborates with Bictory Finance as an investor and strategic partner. They help brands to reach their target audience by forming ideas and focusing on a niche and large audiences. Apart from content creators and writers, they also provide influencer marketing as well as design and development.

HiLable has access to communities such as Man Man with 3 million visitors and 9 million page views, and Mashable with a reach of 800,000 visitors and 1.5 million pageviews and few other additional communities. It will be a great support to increase community awareness towards Bictory Finance.

Oracles Investment Group (OIG)

Oracles Investment Group(OIG) is a decentralized global investment platform for crypto investors seeking potential projects before it hits the public domain. Oracle Investment assists Bictory Finance to develop its products and reach the user base it needs in the long run. Plus, with their reliable contacts in the marketing firm to support Bictory Finance with a strategic marketing plan.

Black Dragon

BlackDragon is a well-known and respected venture capital firm with in-house marketing, development, and research teams. Their value-added services have contributed immensely to the success of the project. BlackDragon is not only an investor, but they provide resources to the projects in which they invest. Those resources include marketing, advisory services, community building, and access to their vast network of industry contacts.


EC Ventures is a group of cryptopreneurs who guide and support crypto startups they invest in to grow based on the experience and resources they have available at hand. They have established relationships and reputations with projects in which they support. Taking measures of their years of experience in Management, Marketing, and investment can help reach every corner of the crypto industry.

Here are a few achievements and collaborations shoutouts of our first steps to reach a more significant outcome to serve and guide our project to success.

About Bictory Finance

Bictory Finance is a hybrid exchange (CEX and DEX) and a Crowdfunding platform for projects building on Concordium with plans to go cross-chain in the near future. Bictory Finance would provide the holistic substrate that crypto startups need to raise funds, build communities, and list on exchanges.

To get to know more about Bictory Finance, take a look at our lite paper and one-pager. You can find more detailed insight into Bictory Finance mission and upcoming projects that will be up soon.

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A Safe Place — CEX | DEX | NFT Marketplace | Concordium Name Service (CNS) — Building across Chains.

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A Safe Place — CEX | DEX | NFT Marketplace | Concordium Name Service (CNS) — Building across Chains.

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