Bictory Pulse [January] — Before & Behind The Curtain

Bictory Pulse

Green or red, the market conditions will neither deter nor waiver Bictory’s ambitions. Your favourite crypto project team is still working its socks off, almost 24/7, to deliver a safe ecosystem for you in the, as it stands, wild and uncertain yet burgeoning lands of DeFi and NFT.

In such a short time, between our 2021 year review and now, a long span of our technical timeline has been conquered to make sure we deliver on our vision broken down into promises. We sincerely appreciate you taking these promises to heart and believing in the team’s dream. We will not let you down, and for this conviction, get rewarded, one way or the other.

In this episode of our monthly update, Bictory Pulse, we’d like to share the progress so far with you. First on our list is what you perhaps already saw on the news! Bictory Finance won Concordium’s first Free and Open Grant initiative designed to enable dapps and developers to build on the 4th-Gen POS blockchain to demonstrate its functionality, usability, and drive adoption. Concordium consists of a protocol-level ID layer and double layer consensus algorithm for fast finality, top-notch security, and stable fees. For Bictory, The grant will serve to facilitate the BictoryNFT project — A curated NFT marketplace from Bictory Finance to host NFT content from different artists with a proven track record of skill.

That brings us to BictoryNFT and all things related. The BictoryNFT project launch will be marked by the public mint of Bictory’s own 9,999 monumental NFT collection named Terrestria — Yes, we’ve shrunk supply from 12,000 to 9,999 NFTs for strategic reasons. The collection consists of 11 different animals, in multiple spatial variations, swagged up with different apparel and accessories. With all of them unique, some are clearly rarer than others, with full IP rights transferred to holders from the point of mint. We’ve successfully tested our NFT smart contracts V1 on the Concordium testnet. We’ve developed some cool new 3D BIC-mals while still applying some finishing touches to the 3D rabbit — New swag and accessories. Lastly, new smart contract functionalities that include utility access and the benefits of holding the NFTs are under development. BictoryNFT launch is just around the corner!

With a mixture of feelings, we announce within this monthly update the date of Bictory’s first product launch — Concordium Projects. After rebranding from Bictory Academy, the Bictory team, with a consuming focus, rebuilt the academy into an ecosystem explorer for the rapidly growing ecosystem of dapps on concordium. The explorer will help deep dive into the Concordium ecosystem, learning and tracking your favourite Dapps. It will also host a stream of fresh articles to keep readers abreast of fundamental crypto knowledge and updates within the Concordium chain and the broader cryptos pace. With that said, we are ecstatic to announce that the Reg-DeFi dapp ecosystem explorer will go live on the 7th of February! Beta testing is currently ongoing within the Bictory community.

Curious to know what’s happening with our CEX development? We thought so. Here are some developments in the product roadmap. Bictory CEX is currently in the alpha testing phase to ensure compliance with requirements, performance, and scalability. We are using a top-down approach to ensure all features work for users at all times; deposits, withdrawals, execution and canceling of orders, live price data feed and charting, etc. Secondary features such as in-exchange swaps, dust-to-$BT feature, and new market pairs will be added to the product roadmap and launched as future updates. We’ve added a snippet here as well to keep those mouths watering!

Bictory CEX Demo

More than ever, we are closer to delivering on our mission of bringing a safe ecosystem to the DeFi and NFT community on Concordium and beyond! Concordium-Projects is set to launch, our CEX in the testing lab, and BictoryNFT & Terrestria collection are on the verge of launch too! What about our DEX? We want to keep this a surprise; who doesn’t like surprises, right? Right. With our hands held to our chest, we can say that this is our (you inclusive) year — a bictorious year!

Stay with us and watch it all come alive!



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