Bictory Pulse [June] — Bictorious Over Bears!

Feel the Pulse.

It’s that time of the month again when we share with you what’s been cooking behind the curtains as we mark the end of Q2. We can confirm that it’s been a fast-paced quarter here at Bictory Finance, from product launches to collaborations to upgrades and partnerships in the pipeline, all in a flash. Not only has it been a fast-paced quarter, but it’s also been a bloody market; Traders have been liquidated, and a number of projects at the brink of declaring insolvency. Yet, Bictory is still ours (You and I), and we are pushing through the tides.

Here are some critical updates from Bictory Finance, what’s been and what’s to come.

After over six months of building, BictoryEx finally went live on the 15th of June with a bang! This was a significant milestone for Bictory Finance in its back-to-back series of product launches. As it’s now gearing towards a synergic marketing stage where the utilities of its products are overlapped to offer a unique value proposition. Going technology first, we’ve beefed up our infrastructure to list more tokens across different chains as well as make our referral dashboard more transparent, outlining the number of referrals, rewards earned, and payout as we prepare to launch the campaign on a mega scale. Anticipate.

We must commend the community for all of the testimonies, feedback, and suggestions about BictoryEX; our developers are hard at work implementing all of those. A consumer-centric product we’ve promised and its work we shall deliver with your help. User signups are picking up, and we’ll share more about it and our partnerships in subsequent editions of the pulse.

We’ve documented a comprehensive review of BictoryEX to give you a near-live experience of the exchange. Enjoy the read!

Our NFT marketplace has garnered a lot of attention lately. Many say its UI is remarkable and holds incredible potential with the diverse art and file formats it supports (even videos & GIFs). We take in the adulations for a few seconds and put down our heads again to get it to where we aim it to be. In fact, is currently under maintenance as we are implementing the latest Concordium Mainnet protocol upgrade, Sirius. This upgrade introduces the possibility of more functionalities with the NFT marketplace and even possibly lower fees, as the Sirius upgrade release notes state, because of its more coherent smart contract framework. That’s some Sirius progress!

Our multi-chain NFT marketplace is on the brink of arrival as we’ve commenced Solana integration with a well-rounded development team. Soon, creators will be able to choose what chain they want their NFTs to be minted upon. Solana may be the first chain to be integrated, but it will not be the last one. 😉

BictoryNFT will also commence a Mint Fridays initiative where mini collections will be sourced from different creators for BictoryNFT users. Other programs are in the pipeline to support creators get on board Web3 with their content.

If you’ve been waiting for the Concordium Name Service (CNS) launch, you can be sure it’s just around the corner. With this service, you can own your name on-chain and get a bundle of benefits, including simplified dapp logins, transactions, and even decentralized web domains. Not sure what this is about? You can read more on the website and from this article which puts it in a perspective on how it makes the NFT ecosystem even safer. It’s all about safety for us!

To our community, for sticking with us on to Bictory, you’re a brave Bictorian. Many more conquests lie ahead of us!

LFG! 🔥 🚀


Team Bictory Finance

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