Bictory Pulse [March] — Terrestria on the Horizon!

5 min readApr 5, 2022


Bictory Pulse — March update

Ah, March! A month filled with unprovoked surprises from a tweeted challenge to a slap in the Oscars, indeed a month of surprises, and speaking of surprises, your number one crypto team just made a big announcement in our last AMA with Concordium. You haven’t heard yet? Well, hold on to your hats cause we might blow them off.

The month of March was indeed one of staying on course and filled with excitement for the team. As we inched closer to Q2, we looked to kick off another phase of the mission in delivering a reliable, secure and decentralized ecosystem for you.

The goals set and achieved so far are opening the gateway for greater ones. Without further ado, let’s get you up to speed with what’s been happening with Bictory Finance.


Picasso once said, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, okay, that probably wasn’t Picasso’s quote and we should definitely google who the author is, but we truly beheld beauty in the entries submitted to our first fan art contest. While the airdrop gave us a pathway for exposure, the art contest blew our minds and strengthened our communities. We got not only our community participating but other artists, digital creators, and even nail technicians pulling out beautiful art inspired by Terrestria. The contest led to an 81.25% increase of real & enthusiastic people joining our Twitter and Telegram channels. Creatives of all kinds submitted their unique art pieces, even a 360 sculptor.

We thoroughly enjoyed and were impressed with all the art entered into the competition. We are truly humbled by how much love, ingenuity, and hard work all our contestants put into it, especially the bull on one grandma’s wall.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. we have closed the art contest with our shortlisted winners announced. We’re contacting some of these artists, helping them create their own NFT collections and be full-blown BictoryNFT creators. We are very keen on engaging and enriching our community members in the best way possible.

Call for creators

Our call to NFT Artists and Creators is an open invitation to all creative types. We invite different artists to bring their unique art to our curated NFT marketplace, push out unique collections and art pieces on launch, and make the BictoryNFT marketplace the best place for artists and NFT enthusiasts. We have had a large amount of artists so far that have responded to our call!

Bictory’s vision for the NFT community is one devoid of chaos. The aim is to provide artists, celebrities, and athletes access to create and mint their collections. And not just in any marketplace with high-gas fees, bot parades, and rampant acts of plagiarism but in a marketplace aimed to preserve originality and give security while allowing for proper art valuation and exchange.

The call is also to create a heterogeneous mix in the marketplace, which we guarantee,

  • Little to no risk of bot spamming sales and copycats springing up
  • Freedom for creators to set the royalties for each NFT
  • Low minting fees/ transaction fees. Nearly non-existent as we are only taking a 2% fee for the minting process
  • NFT functionality can be extended and operational in a trustless environment
  • Regulatory-compliant NFTs framework with Concordium

With the array of services we offer, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to build a marketplace of innovation and originality.

Wikitia Live

The need for transparency in web3 can not be over-emphasized. To sprinkle a little bit of that on Bictory Finance as a company we’ve set up a dedicated encyclopedia filled with all our information. We present to you our Wikitia Page. It highlights the company’s information, including the names behind the scenes making things happen and also highlights some of our history and achievements. We want to keep it this way by allowing unlimited access to Bictory’s origin story to help new and current community members understand the team’s journey to wherever they join us.

Terrestria Launch

As you know, we love to tease. We teased the community with clips hinting at the upcoming NFT launch with peeks of our 2D & 3D characters in Terrestria’s collection. The buzz and excitement reached new heights. It was a classic Netflix-worthy trailer. Did you catch our bunny launching itself to unlock the NFT collection? We really loved that scene. We recorded over 2,000 views and hundreds of likes before releasing the full video trailer, which sent community excitement through the roof!

Want to know when we are launching? Stay tuned, or listen to our last AMA for a hint!


Accountability is a dicey topic that most avoid has been the very building block and topic of the first AMA Twitter Space chat we had in March with Sam Elamin, CEO & Founder of IMBUE Network. He shared his views on what surrounds the concept of accountability in Web3, the future of what he’s created, and how the DeFi community should stick together as we are still the minority. We also just concluded another AMA on Concordium’s Off the Blocks podcast, where they hosted our very own Product Director and Marketing VP. It was a very insightful chat surrounding our NFT Marketplace with a bit of surprise as we leaked the launch date of our NFT collection — an official announcement coming soon!

As we look to build a multi-chained DeFi platform that filters out bad actors, we never forget to show gratitude and acknowledge those supporting us.

Time to swim back up. See you on the next pulse.

Team Bictory Finance.

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