Bictory X The Crypto Star Partnership Announcement

Bictory x The Crypto Star

We are pumped to announce this partnership with the Crypto Star media! This collaboration will allow us to extend our reach, visibility, as well as spread word about the wonders of Web3 technology.

The Crypto Star offers unique ways for consumers to connect with DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols, as well as the most recent news, data, and analysis on the current condition and near-future trends of key cryptocurrency markets.

We’ll utilize this partnership to;
📌Increase our visibility and project awareness to put our suite of products in the faces of our target audience via its fast-growing blog
📌Build a network of media partners to establish a stronger media presence.
📌Extract well-grounded insights into more web3 marketing trends.
📌Harness available distribution channels for a wider spread of our publications and announcements.
📌Connect with other projects through this partnership for mutual growth.

The Bictory Finance team is building a suite of safe & inclusive web3 solutions for DeFi and NFT investors, and this collaboration is one of the steps we are taking to raise the awareness of Bictory Finance and bring in more bictorians!

Expect more partnership announcements!

We keep BUIDLing 💪

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