BictoryEX Upgrade Announcement

2 min readNov 15, 2022
BictoryEX Upgrade

We understand the skepticism that currently surrounds the space, especially centralized exchanges. The collapse of FTX caused a deep reputational wound on the already recovering space from LUNA collapse and other exploits.

It is a harsh reminder that Web3 is not as decentralized as it was envisioned to be yet, and also a motivation fueling builders’ passion to build faster & smarter.

As regards this, we’ll be making some security and architectural changes to BictoryEX for both heightened security and transparency. Our wallet addresses will be updated.

We’ve commenced this, and we advise you to withdraw your funds from BictoryEX to be safe. Only TRC20 & ERC20 USDT withdrawals are currently supported. If you have any other asset within BictoryEX, kindly exchange it for USDT to complete the withdrawal.

Please complete the withdrawal before Friday, 12 pm UTC. Beyond this time, you’d have to contact customer support to assist you with retrieving funds stored on BictoryEX.

We recommend using a reputable decentralized hot or cold wallet to store your funds, not another centralized exchange.

Following the upgrade, an announcement will go out to notify users when BictoryEX is ready to hold custody of funds again. Should you no longer wish to trade on centralized exchanges going forward, we’d like to remind you that we are currently in the early stages of the development of our DEX — BictoryDEX, on Aptos.

Learn more about our DEX here

Stay safe!
Not your keys, not your coins.

Team Bictory Finance.

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