Bictory’s 2021 in Rear View

It’s been an extraordinary year for the entire Blockchain industry with many unprecedented developments. For one, how Non-Fungible Tokens have brought the technology into mainstream attention has been particularly intriguing. We all anticipated its sibling — cryptocurrencies — to achieve this feat. Also equally fascinating, although appalling this time around, is how DeFi projects have been prone to smart contract exploitations and fraudulent schemes. Many of these can be attributed to the hazy regulatory frameworks and the lack of receptiveness of decentralized-themed technologies.

In building regulation-receptive web3 technologies to curb most of the exploitations of the Cryptosphere, the concluding year has been one of tremendous progress for Bictory Finance. We’ve gone hip-deep in our commitments to set up a shelter, or as we like to call it, a safe haven, for creators, investors, traders of NFTs, and DeFi, in the brimstone-raining crypto space of hacks and regulatory penalties.

We are excited for what’s in the launch pipeline to roll out in 2022 as we take giant strides in building Fort Knox of DeFi and NFTs. In a retrospective look at 2021, it is astounding to recount how far we’ve come. We’ve worked diligently to simultaneously build out our suite of compliant products on the virgin lands of Concordium — our parent chain.

Bictory’s Development Progress

Founded in 2020, Bictory came alive with a mission to develop products that allow participants in the DeFi and NFT space, on Concordium first, to participate safely, from providing liquidity to exchanging assets. We’ve toiled days and nights in realizing this vision, and as the year ends, we can pat ourselves on the back and say we’ve done some great things. So what have we done exactly? Below are some of the highlights of our development progress.

BictoryNFT will be the first product launched by Bictory Finance. It is a curated Marketplace for verified artists with a proven track record of creating content in their specialty. However, in this project, Bictory finance is set to launch its own native 12,000 NFT collection named Terrestria. It’s a fantastic genesis and one-off collection from Bictory. Users will soon be able to mint their NFTs and get exclusive utilities and benefits from holding them. We have built an amazing team behind BictoryNFT, including talented 2D and 3D artists from different parts of the world. We launched our waitlist in early December, and we have several thousand users signed up already. You should watch for BictoryNFT to see some huge announcements soon, and if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here.

This may be the last time you see the above sub-title in any of our documents. We have rebranded Bictory Academy to Concordium Projects in case you missed it! This project will not be just an academy or blog. Still, it will be where the Concordium and Bictory communities go for all things Concordium. It will be an in-depth explorer of both Concordium and Bictory ecosystems. There will be many features and metrics to track your favourite Concordium projects and read about all things Bictory too. We are inching towards the launch of this portal as well. Safe to say, we are now dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s before letting you in.

We are tempted to bore you with the APIs, information architecture, and tech stack technicalities. Still, we’ll spare you the lifespan shortening details. Fundamentally, we made significant progress in the development of the CEX. We hired many competent developers who have had previous experience working on centralized exchanges. We also fine-tuned our team and work processes. We were almost ready to launch the Alpha version of our CEX when we learned of Concordium’s TGE delays. We used this to our advantage as our senior developers suggested we make some changes to both the front and backend to make things run more smoothly. The changes will also help us scale more quickly as we gain more users. Overall, the CEX development has made significant progress, and we are excited to show you what we have built. See you in Q1 2022.

We have begun the development process, including strategic planning, hiring, and engineering. We are scaling the DEX team rapidly. The DEX will be a large focus for us in 2022.

Did you miss our spectacular announcement of our Private Sale Round C close? You can learn all about it here.

See you in 2022!

The early quarters of 2022 will be a big one for Bictory Finance, and we hope you stay with us as we realize all of our visions and bring to fruition our mission. Reliable shelter is one of the fundamental human needs in both physical and digital planes. All of us at Bictory are determined to provide you with one that you can count on when it comes to DeFi and NFTs.

Team Bictory Finance.

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