Breaking: Updates From Concordium Name Service.

2 min readJul 20, 2022


Bictory CNS Announcement

The registration price structure for CNS Domains is Out!
Get your Concordium names at the following yearly subscription fees;
2 characters: $150/year
3 characters: $100/year
4 characters: $60/year
5 characters: $15/year
6+ characters: $10/year

Note: This doesn’t account for the network fees on Concordium, which are quite low & almost negligible. And the max subscription period or Time To Live (TTL) before renewal is 3 years.

Unlike ENS, CNS domains support double & single characters too. CNS single-character domains will be auctioned out at launch to the highest bidder on BictoryNFT. In the same manner, bidders can choose between one to three years of registration. The cost of domain name registration or subscription would then be calculated as the product of the winning bid price and the number of years selected. For example;

Winning Bid Price = 100000 CCD
Subscription Period = 3 years
Total cost = 300000 CCD.

Launch Extension

Due to some upgrades and additional technical integrations necessary on the Concordium Name Service (CNS) to provide a better user experience and handle demand, we’ve extended its launch date to August. As soon as these integrations are completed and vigorously test them at an anticipated stress level, a more precise launch date will be announced.

Finally, If you’d like to Pre-Order a domain name on the Concordium Name Service (CNS). Please send a mail to to commence the process. The minimum CNS domain Pre-Order cost is fixed at $1000.

Get a name on the world’s first self-sovereign ID professional blockchain network.

Bye.ccd 👋
Team Bictory Finance

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