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Hello Bictorians,

Did you miss our newsletter mail? Here it is, again.

Last week was a bit of a rocky one, but we learned several lessons. A calm sea never made a good sailor, right?

We’ve sailed through the tempest of last week’s unsuccessful launch, and now, the Concordium Name Service (CNS) is ready to rise like a phoenix from the fire of refinement and tempering.

What went wrong?

Some FE components decoupled at launch which resulted in a number of unexpected user inconveniences including firewall blocking, non-reflecting reserved names, unsupported wallet operations during domain registration, and price charging discrepancies. All our tests prior to launch gave a green light on these systems. Errors from interacting apps were vague which led to the extended resolution time by well-experienced developers.

We’ve resolved all of these issues and we are testing everything that we can internally ahead of the re-launch now scheduled for September 22nd.

We once again apologize for any inconvenience caused. If you lost any fee while trying to get domains on the first launch please reach out to us on any of our communities on Telegram or Discord with your Tx hash and we’ll reimburse 2x the lost value.

Did you miss the CNS introduction video?
It’s pretty cool.

The Concordium Name Service!

Quick reminder that there will be a name rush, as experienced with the first launch. Keep in mind the name you’d register and don’t be late.

BictoryNFT Updates

We remain proud of our creator ecosystem at the BictoryNFT marketplace. Our creators supply fresh art available to mint on our marketplace and bond together just fine. Every Thursday, you can join our Meet-a-creator series within our discord community to learn about the stories behind their collections and experience our creators’ hidden talents too besides NFT arts.

Mint Fridays

Fresh art, fresh out of BictoryNFT every Friday! This week we have the following collections available for mint.

1.) Voxel Rooms by Mzarts

2.) DnD Skull Hoodies by Sixxx

3.) Skewlies by Valor

4.) Marksman Ape Defender by dadaism_art

Collections Launched on 09/16/22

1. CRYPTCHIC by jpat_art360

2.) Rain Creates by Raindraw13

Collection Launched on 09/02/22

1. Nerobot Society by KosinchaiArtist

👉 Full list here.

Note to all A & B token sale participants

Kindly check your Inbox & Spam.
Ahead of our TGE, we’ve sent an email to everyone to submit their non-custodial Solana wallet address to receive their SPL $BT token. We’ve noticed some participants are yet to make this submission.

Yet to receive a mail from us? please email us through

Please note we will contact subsequent round participants also in the coming days.

We’ve got new friends with our sharing word about our the good news happening within Bictory finance. We are celebrating with the community with a whooping sum of $60k worth of $BT.

Oh! we’ve noticed some bots joining us too, we know how just to handle them.

If you haven’t participated yet, check out the announcement on how to get involved.

📔 Bictory Crypto Insight. 📔

Post Merge Market.

The merge event which transitioned the second largest blockchain, Ethereum, from a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus model to a Proof of Stake (PoS) model was successfully completed on the 15th of September. However, the speculations & predictions of it ushering the market into a bull phase have not been so successful. Since the event, ETH price and the crypto market has been tumbling down. The price of ETH was above $1,600 as on the day of the event, but now it’s fallen to the $1,300 price level.

The entire cryptocurrency market cap has dropped below the $1 trillion mark. In the last 24 hours, it’s gained just 0.1% of its size and now sits on a $975 billion value after losing about 4% in the prior 24hours.

What will trigger the bull run post-merge market? Some say CNS Launch, some say $BT TGE. Let’s see about that.

Team Bictory Finance.

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