$CCD Is Now Listed On BictoryEX! | Trade & Win!

2 min readNov 10, 2022


$CCD Is Now Listed

To kick off the support listing of Concordium (CCD) on BictoryEX, we’re having a 100k CCD trading competition! 🎉


  • Participants will compete for the highest individual PnL
  • Competition Period: 10th Nov 2022, 10 am UTC to 20th Nov 2022, 10am UTC.
  • Eligibility Status: All account holders with an account size ≥ $200 (greater than or equal to) as at the start of the competition are eligible.
  • Trade pairs for the competition is CCD/USDT pair.
  • Prize pool is 100k CCD.

Ranking and Rewards

  • Winners are ranked primarily by highest PnL + volume traded.
  • If any two traders have the same score by PnL + Volume, then the final ranking will be decided by the better trader (by PnL).
  • Final results will be announced at the end of the competition (20th Nov 2022).
  • Awards will be credited to the winning BictoryEX accounts within 7 working days from result announcement.

Terms and Conditions

  • BictoryEX reserves the right to disqualify any trader if he/she engages in any dishonest or abusive activities (such as Wash trading, volume-faking, participating with multiple accounts, market manipulations, etc).
  • During the competition, any user who cancels more than 8 trades per minute would be disqualified.
  • BictoryEX reserves the right to final interpretation of the terms and conditions. If you have any question, please contact our customer service.

Reward structure

The reward structure will cover from the first to 50th positions.
1st to 10th position = 40k CCD
11th to 20th position = 30k CCD
21st to 30th position = 20k CCD
31st to 50th position = 10k CCD

Let’s go! 🔥 🚀

Team Bictory Finance.

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