CEO of Protokol and Co-founder of Ark joins Advisory Team

The all-in-one DeFi ecosystem, Bictory Finance, raised eyebrows across the market after the announcement of some of the key players in this space as its Advisors. Today, we are excited to have Lars Rensing join the Advisory Team. Rensing is a pioneer in the market. He has spearheaded the launch of multiple platforms. Notably, he currently serves as the CEO at Protokol and is the Co-founder ARK. Now, Bictory Finance intends to leverage his years of experience running a successful decentralized infrastructure to develop an impactful and effective business strategy.

Rensing Has the Experience to Make it Happen

Rensing attended Avans Hogeschool where he majored in Finance. He also received accolades at RSG Lingecollege where he took technology courses. Notably, Rensing has received multiple certifications regarding his financial and blockchain expertise. Specifically, he received his Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) license in November 2017. He has served as an advisor in Hiway, a blockchain-tailored marketplace for work, and DigitalBits to build applications for next-generation loyalty programs.

Rensing is a well-known figure in the blockchain sector. He has +4 years of experience running his projects successfully. As the CEO of Protokol and and Co-Founder of Ark, he has proven his capabilities in the market.

Rensing is passionate about driving blockchain adoption to new heights. He has repeatedly translated complex blockchain technology into effective systems that successfully streamline critical business functionalities during his career. These actions have helped numerous businesses reduce inefficiencies and solve challenges in innovative ways. Keenly, Rensing also offers his expertise to the public via consulting and business development services.

At Protokol, Rensing was responsible for the development and execution of the business strategy. His go-get-it attitude and experience helped him to secure high-level partnerships within the market. His plan allowed Protokol to meet the demands of its clients and provide real value in the marketplace.

At the same time, Rensing managed to lead the creation and launch of the ARK ecosystem successfully. Ark is an easy-to-use toolset that enables anyone to integrate blockchain strategies into their businesses. Before his time at Ark, Rensing held an advisory position for the decentralized infrastructure provider DigitalBits.

Rensing Adds Momentum to the Bictory Finance Movement

The addition of Rensing to the Bictory Finance team is enormous news. The guy knows how to launch and maintain a decentralized network. For one, he already has tons of connections throughout the industry. Additionally, he signed on to the Bictory Finance project, which speaks volumes for the network’s potential. For these reasons, you should keep a close eye on Bictory Finance moving forward.

About Bictory Finance

Bictory Finance is a hybrid exchange (CEX and DEX) and a Crowdfunding platform for projects building on Concordium with plans on going cross-chain in the nearest future. Bictory Finance would provide the holistic substrate that crypto startups need right from raising funds, building communities, and listing on exchanges.

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Bictory: CEX/DEX and Crowdfunding Project on the Concordium blockchain.