CNS Domains is coming to CCDScan x Web Wallet

1 min readNov 19, 2022


CNS is almost here!

The most anticipated integration on Concordium is just around the corner!🛡🔥

CCDdomains will be integrated into ⤵️
1️⃣Official Concordium explorer
2️⃣ Concordium web wallet

What this means?

The Concordium Name Service (CNS) domain is the official naming service on the Concordium blockchain. It’s an open, decentralized, and extensible wallet name service that lowers transaction hassles on-chain.

But how?

The Concordium Name Service;
▶️ Maps on-chain hex addresses to human-readable wallet names.
▶️ Unifies crypto transfer across multiple chains, including Solana and Ethereum, with a single name ending in .ccd.
▶️ Simplifies dapp logins and serves as web3 usernames.

For a unique blockchain like Concordium, which implements a zk self-sovereign ID core protocol to verify on-chain users, CNS Domains stands out from the rest by connecting real-world ID to web3 ID. 🚀

CNS Domains is taking the Concordium blockchain experience to a more user-centric level. Ugly lengthy addresses come to an end with this integration!

Many were named, We choose ours!

Own your web3 Identity! Register CNS domains here.

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