Everyone Is Getting Theirs! Have You?

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More than a thousand Concordium Name Service (CNS) domains have been snatched up already! Have you gotten yours?!

We relaunched the Concordium Name Service on September 22nd, as early as 7am UTC, after rigorous internal team testing. It was a fantastic launch! Concordians and Bictorians rushed to get great names for sentimental or speculative reasons. Hilariously, there’s a saying within the community now that goes, “ A good name is better than riches, but here a good name begets riches.” That’s just how excited the community is about this product launch.

Excited.ccd is pretty much available! 🎉 I bet that tada emoji too!

The Concordium Name Service (CNS) is the official wallet name service on the first self-sovereign ID professional blockchain — Concordium — an L1 proof of stake permissionless blockchain designed to accommodate commercial use cases of distributed ledger technology with its stable fee and zero-knowledge accountability infrastructure.

But did you know that the Concordium Name Service is also built to support Ethereum & Solana transactions in addition to transactions on Concordium? Now You Do!

Grabbing a CNS domain is pretty easy, but if you need a walkthrough, please see the video below;

How To Use The CNS App

Welcome To The Club!

We’re building a community for all CNS domain holders. We know that growth ideas flourish in a tightly-knit conversing community. We’ve carved out a dedicated one on Discord for those who’ve bravely chose a name for themselves on-chain.

Here’s an instructional video how to verify yourself as a CNS domain holder to gain access to the CNS club within our Discord community.

How To Join The CNS Club

3-Letter CNS Auction ⌛️

You have approximately 3 days left to bid on some of the rarest and significant 3-letter domains on CNS; god.ccd, sex.ccd, bmw.ccd, dao.ccd and more are all on auction now on the CNS app. If interested, Hurry! You don’t have much time left.

Get them 👉 CNS App

Own a CNS Club — Lead The Pack

There’s an avalanche of sub CNS domain clubs available especially with the more range of characters support. Popular clubs we’ve seen with other domain name services, making some eye-catching sales include 10k club, 100k club, 3 letter alphabets, surnames, palindromes, 24hr clubs etcetera. You can own a club and earn percentage commissions from subsequent sale volumes within the club.

If you’re interested, fill this form and we’ll get to you.

CNS Integrations!

What are blockchain domain names without being able to use them for transactions? We’ve immediately commenced work on getting CNS domains integrated into explorers and other wallets to support transactions and other dapp interactions. As a result of this, we’ve closed the sales of CNS domains on the BictoryNFT marketplace for the time being until this work is complete.

The first CNS integration was announced within the Concordium community for one of the unofficial chain explorers today. All CNS transactions will now display the concerning CNS domain names as seen shown below;

CNS Integration #1
CNS Integration #2

This is a giant stride towards wallet transactions support on the Concordium blockchain.

Although CNS has been on the spotlight for the past weeks, we’ve got spectacular updates from other products in our suite. From our NFT marketplace, collection, to our centralized exchange. Stay with us, we are building something huge. Don’t blink, you might miss the news flash.

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Team Bictory Finance.

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