Hello Bictorians,

The Bictory Core Team and Advisors affectionately welcome everyone to September with the expectation that it will be generous to us in these challenging times humanity is going through. September brought to an end the 3rd quarter of our roadmap, and we are pretty excited to share with our community what we achieved during the month.

As usual, we have been busy working hard to deliver some of the best products in the industry. It is a thrilling journey of building a community around Bictory Finance while developing vital tools that will significantly impact the Crypto asset market.

The month was a successful one, and we realized all our targets without any blemish, thanks to our able team, advisors, and a burgeoning community of Crypto aficionados. Our growth trajectory is one of awe but a result of vision backed with industrious spirits.

3rd Quarter Roadmap Reviewed

During the quarter, all the synergies came together to render a thriving month for the Bictory economy. This is how we felt on all fronts of our roadmap:

Concordium Grant Application: Bictory Finance successfully presented our proposal to the Concordium Free & Open Grant Program. We are patiently and positively waiting for an acceptance announcement from the Committee soon.

Commencement Marketing Campaigns: We expanded our efforts by running some AMA on the marketing front, which will be explained in depth below. The weekly Social Media competition was also in full swing as we have been discussing with some influencers to bring Bictory to their community.

Closed Testing of Alpha Version of Bictory CEX: Bictory Finance’s Centralized Exchange passed Alpha testing without issues. The CEX is now market-ready, and we can’t wait to offer it to the Crypto asset community for the best trading experience in the realm.

Design Framework and Layout of Bictory DEX and Crowdfunding: Moreover, our design team worked steadfastly to deliver impressive designs of our Decentralized Exchange to implement the most user encounter in the p2p market. One of our crucial dedications is building an interface that will sweep Crypto lovers off their feet.

NFT Ecosystem

September also witnessed the extension of the products we offer to the growing NFT space. The Bictory Metaverse will play a vital role in our community in different spheres.

Our focus is to initial issue some NFTs for our community members as a bonus for their commitment. The initial utility will be the following:

a. Discount on fees on CEX,

b. Priority pool in our launchpads

c. Early access to products of Bictory

d. A quota of fees earned on our DEX will go to our hodlers

The next stage of our NFT journey is a fun-filled level you can’t afford to exclude yourself. We have nicked-named it Version 2.0, and it is going to blow your mind.

At this point, there will be more NFT utilities as we would be doing treasure hunts, games, farms, and wearables to make our NFT come to life and keep our NFT community more engaged.

We will soon announce this initiative with more details so you will know what to look out for concerning our NFT ecosystem. Watch out for it, and don’t miss out.


We had a total of three AMA sessions with thriving communities that added some value to the Bictory community. Our Marketing lead and Community Manager did a yeoman job of interacting with communities like:

a. CryptoBooster


c. Infinity Gainz

These are groups with extensive community members who are looking for the best projects out there to join. One of them is the largest community in Vietnam, where Crypto adoption is growing so admirably.

We are winning hearts with these AMA sessions and getting more people into our young but dynamic community. We aspire to engage more communities to tap into them, network and share experiences.

Bictory Finance’s mission is to contribute futuristic products and services never experienced in the market. Our locus includes implementing a global Crypto community as we provide the most reliable ecosystem and endeavor to give instinctive and savvy products.

Kindly read the Bictory Litepaper to know more about what we are diligently administering and presenting to the world of digital assets. Read about all of the issues concerning Bictory Finance and ask all the puzzles on your mind.

And don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels for current updates about the project. Always stay safe in these complex and unpredictable times!

Stay Bictory!

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