Hybrid Exchange and Crowdfunding Platform on Concordium Blockchain: Introducing Bictory Finance

4 min readApr 16, 2021

With the series of solutions being offered by DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platforms, it is safe to say that DeFi has come to stay. This immensely successful, yet relatively new space has launched projects that have marked the paradigm shift in the crypto space towards a true and complete decentralized financial system. However, existing DeFi platforms are either focused on one of these elements, and not a holistic platform to provide an all-in-one financial solution for crypto projects.

In the wake of these developments, users want better solutions in the form of cheaper transaction fees, secure and super fast swaps, interoperable transactions, sleek and user-friendly designs, and most importantly, legally compliant level of privacy.

To solve these problems, the team came together to build Bictory Finance, a holistic solution to the DeFi space comprising a Centralized Exchange, Decentralized Exchange and a Crowdfunding Platform on Concordium Blockchain. This novel blockchain network was chosen technically on the basis of its high throughput, cheaper fees, identity and fast finality layer.

The Components of Bictory Finance

Bictory Centralized Exchange

The platform is designed based on an interactive and user-friendly interface that will enhance user experience. In addition to this, the exchange has been developed having in mind both crypto starters and experienced ones, hence, users can switch modes as to their level of understanding in the crypto space. The various modes of trades such as Spot, Margin etc. will be enabled on Bictory CEX.

Security is a major concern in this industry considering the series of thefts in the annals of this space. Bictory is keen on the utmost security for its users, especially because security is a major concern in this industry, Bictory engineers will never compromise on security. This is why we have built Bictory with the state-of-the art security systems. Additional security measures and authentications have also been embedded to ensure maximum security of funds on our platform.

Bictory Decentralized Exchange

DEXs have been the preferred option by users who want to trade without the daunting registration process, and rather not share personal details with centralized exchanges. Many crypto users have shared their concerns of network’s high fees when trading on Automated Market Makers like Sushiswap, Uniswap etc. Despite these ballooning fees, existing AMMs on the Ethereum network still take prolonged confirmation time, which can only be sped up with increasing gas fees.

We thought it is wise enough to develop a DEX on the Concordium Network for users who prefer using such trading platforms. The technology upon which Concordium Network was built upon makes it very cheap for trades and their finality layer ensures that transactions are confirmed in less than three seconds yet with very low fees. Users will get to enjoy trading on a very sleek user interface and well defined tabs to assist new traders navigate their way through Bictory Finance.

Another feature worth mentioning is our use of Proactive Market Making that will ensure that there is less slippage when users make transactions across our DEX.

Our developers have plans of building bridges that would allow for fluid, cross-chain interactions between popular networks such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Avalanche, and other promising blockchains. The goal of Bictory Finance is to leverage hitch-free interoperability between various blockchains in a fast, decentralized, and cheap way.

Bictory Crowdfunding Platform

This funding substrate will take away all pressure points that entrepreneurs and developers go through when raising funds for their project. Bictory Finance, being the first Crowdfunding platform on Concordium will grow and expand and provide Bictory investors, entrepreneurs and our loyal community members numerous access to investment opportunities in early-stage projects seeking investment, right after they passed our internal audit.

We will be opening up our funding platforms as well, through our cross chain bridges that we plan to develop in the future. There will be support for Cross-Chain pools for public sales and our whitelisting process will be one of the easiest you might have come across.

IDO platforms like Balancer, Polkastarter, Bounce have all been plagued by bots which end up leaving tokens in a very few hands but with different wallets. Our unique Anti-bot measure and KYC system will ensure that all our users have a taste of investing in Initial Decentralized Offerings on our platform. Thanks to Concordium’s protocol-level identity layer, this will make participation secure, compliant and safe for all parties.

Tokenomics, roadmap and details about Bictory Finance can be found at https://bictory.io

For questions and inquiries send an email to Marketing@bictory.io

For investment inquiries send an email to Business@bictory.io

We look forward to having you walk along with us on this journey.

Bictory Links and Resources

Website: http://bictory.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bictory_finance
Telegram: https://t.me/BictoryFinance
Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/BictoryNews
Medium: https://medium.com/@bictory_finance
Email Address: Marketing@bictory.io and Business@bictory.io
Litepaper: https://bictory.io/b_litepaper.pdf
One-Pager: https://bictory.io/one_pager.pdf




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