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Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFTs are the technological dark horse of our time. Little did anyone expect that such a simple yet omni-functional invention could catch the attention of mainstream media. For those who saw it coming and properly positioned themselves to take advantage of the opportunity, they’ve made a handsome amount of fortune out of it. The good news is, there’s still an ocean-wide room to dive in, carve a niche out for yourself and build good fame or wealth.

Non-fungible Tokens serve as blockchain-based receipts for digital content of any kind. They could represent text, audio, video, code, tickets, or any other conceivable digital or sometimes physical content. They serve as proof or certificate of ownership for the content they are bound to, given that blockchains are immutable ledgers of transactions. While the NFT is not the content itself it is an unbreakable on-chain link that signals ownership of content and manages its transfer.

For creators, the benefits of NFTs cannot be overemphasized. The most glaring benefit is the new level of control over your content it affords you as a creator. Minting content as an NFT can be likened to imprinting it on the blocks of time, as minting is a timestamp transaction on the blockchain as well. Not only does this give you control, as you can easily prove that the minting address is yours, but it also proves originality and authenticity too when the NFT Genesis is compared across all duplicates.

NFTs also open up a direct global market for content creators. Before NFTs, digital content, especially digital art, wasn’t worth a lot. Collectors looked down on it and ridiculed it as not real. Well, it’s a different narrative today. Art collectors have opened their arms wide to digital art as a result of NFTs and as a matter of fact, it’s mind-blowing the kind of art that changes hands today for millions of dollars; it’s either some caricature, abstraction or an animal portrait. Some artists attribute this change to the fact ownership can be proven for digital content.

Also worth mentioning is the possibility of harvesting more value from their content. Besides the primary sale of a creator’s content, your NFTs can also be programmed to return royalties to you for every secondary sale of that same content. This uncovers the possibility of passive earnings from all created content.

Other benefits include building an engaged and loyal community around content which can help boost brand awareness and growth.

Amongst our product suite at Bictory Finance is the BictoryNFT Marketplace built on Concordium. It is a curated marketplace where content for vetted creators with a proven track record including artists, athletes, celebrities, brands etcetera can be minted and listed for sale. This is the first of its kind on the 4th Generation privacy-focused PoS permissionless blockchain, Concordium.

The BictoryNFT marketplace is exciting for a couple of reasons;

  • It is built on a regulatory-compliant blockchain. Concordium has an ID-Layer at its core that allows bad players to be identified when necessary. This reduces the risks of bots spamming sales or copycats springing up fakes of your content.
  • Freedom to set the royalties for the NFT of your content.
  • Minting Fees are almost non-existent with 2% charged for transaction fees. (Packaged dependent)
  • Creator focused flexible packages from simple secondary sales setup to Full NFT project planning and setup. (Coming soon)

If you find our offering just right for you and would like to learn more, you can join this BictoryNFT Creators channel and apply to be one of our verified creators here.

At Bictory Finance we believe that innovation and regulation are not mutually exclusive. The web3 space is advancing at bullet speed and regulations are lagging behind. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to build a safe ecosystem of products including this marketplace for those who love the web3 innovation but would also love to do it right, a good distance away from the wildness of the infant industry. We invite you now to lead the future Reg-NFT utility, a safe space to be you and show the world you!

Team Bictory Finance.

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A Safe Place — CEX | DEX | NFT Marketplace | Concordium Name Service (CNS) — Building across Chains.

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A Safe Place — CEX | DEX | NFT Marketplace | Concordium Name Service (CNS) — Building across Chains.