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Bictory Pulse — August

Hello there,
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We’ve been putting pieces in place to ensure rock-solid utilities firmly back our token before we unveil it, and now, the wait is almost over! We are a month closer to the Token Generation Event.

Let’s round up what we’ve been up to in August in this edition of Bictory Pulse. LFG! 🔥 🚀

BictoryEX Improvements & Updates

We’ve used this past month to piece together several components necessary for a momentous blastoff of the coming events on BictoryEX. First, we’ve positioned ourselves for transparency, credibility, and authority by setting up our pages across notable data aggregators and rating/review sites. Our listings include;

✅Bictory Finance on Coinmarketcap
✅Bictory Finance on Trust Pilot
✅Bictory Finance on Coingecko

We are also working with more liquidity partners and market makers to tighten spreads in order to close up slippages for our traders to help them maintain their profits. These are also arrangements done to prepare for rapid spontaneous listings on BictoryEX. In case you missed it in the previous digest, we are already working with fiat-on-ramp partners to give you more direct access to crypto from fiat, even on Bictory Finance.

Indeed, bug squashing never ends, but amidst that we’re working out some features you’ll surely love. Keep an eye out! Oh, one last thing, CCD is coming to BictoryEX! 🚀

CNS Improvements & Updates

The Concordium Name Service has been stealing the spotlight from other products in our inclusive suite lately. Thanks to Concordium, she’s been mentioned on over four media channels alongside other blockchain domain giants. At this rate, it won’t take long before she becomes a blockchain domain giant. You can find CNS or its “.ccd” naming mentioned in the following articles;

With its launch coming soon, this spotlight is a strategic positioning to push for its recognition and adoption. We have a launch date! CNS Domains will be available for registration on the 15th of September! 🚀

Meanwhile, if you want to snap up some domains fast or get them reserved, you can reach out to us to pre-order via

TerrestriaX Updates

Well, we could say we’ve spent most of August translating our collection onto a new chain, reimagining it, and breathing life into them! They’ll need it for the badlands of SOL. Have you seen any of them yet? If you haven’t, let’s show you some images & clips.

Bull Walk
POV: The bear market
We stand on Solana. 🔥

Want to see more? Follow TerrestriaX and shoot a DM to stand a chance to win a WL. 🚀

TerrestriaX NFTs don’t just look good to view, feel good to play with on AR, they also taste really good considering the exclusive benefits attached to them; Airdropped $BT tokens, unlock manga series, TerrestriaX merch, exclusive raffles and creator brand collabs. It’s a lot we’ve been putting together. See our tentative TerrestriaX whitepaper here.

BictoryNFT Updates

Solana is coming soon on BictoryNFT Marketplace! 🎉

Hello SOL!

Soon, BictoryNFT creators will also be able to choose between minting their magical content on the innovative & rapidly growing Concordium blockchain or tap into the vast NFT oceans of the Solana blockchain. Power is in your hands now, wield it responsibly.

Welcome to the SOL side of NFT life! 🎊

Mint Fridays & Meet-a-Creator Series

The NFT space is young and needs more creatives. As such, we are a creator-centric NFT marketplace and we place them at the forefront of our design approach and methods. Every Friday, we showcase new collections from our brilliant artists, and on Thursdays, in our discord community, we shine the spotlight on them. You get to see them display their hidden talents besides creating. Some sing, some rap, and some play the guitar. It’s simply beautiful!


Once we’ve demonstrated transparency and accountability by completing the rigorous KYC process of Assure DeFi, we also partnered with them to foster this accountability through the crypto space. We are stepping up a gear by bringing NFTs to live! Yes, we’ve partnered with Artlabs to project our collection and that of our creators into reality. You can already see the interaction with the bunny model above.

Token Generation Event (TGE) & Listings!

After listing all of those products & utilities, it’s only proper and satisfying to cap it all up with the highlight and updates about the token to power all of it. One token, four products and counting. We are done with the smart contract side of things — Yes! $BT is live on Solana! Contract address will be shared soon. We are making some final arrangements to the purchase flow in addition to other modalities before we blast off! Make sure you’ve got your seat belts on, October looks good from here already!

Why are we doing all of this? Here’s an article on Mashable about Bictory Finance that describes at a high level what Bictory Finance is aiming for with it’s suite of products.

With a deep sigh and mountain-sized courage we step into the ember months, grinning at the possibilities ahead while still burying our heads in deep work, planning and executing. We appreciate all bictorians for the endless support & contribution. We keep BUIDLing!

Bictory Finance Team.

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