Overview Of Bictory Finance

Undoubtedly, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has come to stay with all its inherent empowerment of dislodging brokers and intermediaries in the financial market. The world is now at the forefront of a system that extends unprecedented financial sovereignty where no one can control your money.

Thanks to Mathematical Algorithms, dependence on individuals and institutions to transact and invest is coming to an abrupt and decisive end. We are now in an age where you can transact without entrusting your money to someone you don’t know from Adam, irrespective of geographical position.

Today, most Traditional Financial (TradFi) services and products like derivatives, insurance, AMM, liquidity pools, assets management, borrowing, lending, futures, oracles, among others, are all on the Blockchain. The most significant feature about the whole development is the ability to engage these instruments within a few minutes is the unprecedented transparency it affords.

Without the irritating inconveniences associated with TradFi, DeFi brings a holistic approach to investment that will eventually make the former obsolete in all spheres. Come to think of how you can transact in a trustless environment with no single point of failure.

Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi protocols keeps rising with innovative features, products, and services. The stimulating trend these days is that you don’t just have to hodl your Crypto assets, but you can leverage them to earn passive income in copious means using non-custodial wallets.

Bictory Finance’s Role

At Bictory Finance, our contribution to this extraordinary financial revolution is a novelty pedestal of tools that drives seamless navigation of the Crypto market for Traders, Developers, Liquidity Providers, and Startups. We extend an interoperable, thoroughly-fledged DEX and CEX, working in synergy with a decentralized crowdfunding platform for value exchange.

In a cross-chain era where Blockchains interact to execute an agnostic environment, we are building Bictory on Concordium, a privacy-oriented, public, and permissionless Blockchain coming soon to chains like Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, and others. The multichain layer presents unlimited opportunities in the burgeoning open, decentralized finance market.

These are market-ready tools the industry is yet to experience and utilize for sustainable benefits. Our platform employs the on-chain ID layer of the underlying Blockchain to offer products and services without KYC/AML.

Features of Bictory Finance

On our Custodial Exchange, you can securely store and conduct Margin and Spot Trades across an extensive range of Crypto assets with the most pleasant user experience. Bictory CEX accommodates multiple advanced order standards, provides complete access to complex portfolio management mechanisms, and trades quicker at scanty fees.

On the other hand, Bictory DEX designation screams loud that higher transaction fees and low throughput cannot skyjack innovation, an aspect becoming prevalent in the space due to ETH’s incapacity to scale. With liquidity pool creation, issuance of new assets, assets and fees ratios, cross-chain, on-chain market maker, crowd pooling, non-custodial wallets, and cross-chain peculiarities, it pioneers Premium Market Making (PMM) to strengthen AMM and lower slippage.

Bictory Crowdfunding is a decentralized launchpad protocol that facilitates backers, supporters, developers, and initial stage Crypto startups to raise funds required to build and execute their projects. The platform has nominal fees and faster transactions combined with multichain support, cross-chain pool, public sale, easy whitelisting, anti-bot/fair for all, audited/researched projects only, instant listing on Bictory CEX/DEX, privacy-protected, and KYC/AML compliant.

BT Token Utility

The Bictory ecosystem is driven by the BT utility token that has various usages. It has a maximum supply of 100 Million tokens, and no more will be created. The supply allocation, distribution, radiation, utility, and use cases are meticulously fashioned with the trend for growth in mind.

BT Token serves as an advantageous tool for all trading pursuits on the Bictory trading platforms. Therefore, all exchanges on both Bictory DEX and CEX will attract a discount if paid with $BT, granting the opportunity for hodlers to obtain services and products at a lower fee.

It is also a governance token, hence to partake in the voting, community members require BT Tokens. Crowdfunding, listing on CEX/DEX, Staking, IEO, and Guaranteed Allocation will be paid in $BT.

Why Concordium Blockchain?

Built with business in mind, Concordium is an anonymous, public, permissionless Blockchain and regulatory compliant outlined to be fast, secure, highly scalable, and fitting for real-world utilization by business, academia, and corporations.

It has an originality two-layer consensus and finalization mechanism, tested in the high 100’s of Transactions Per Second (TPS). But, the team is continuously optimizing and accelerating the limits of the implementation.

Concordium has future proof through sophisticated interoperability, white-label production architecture with Sharding. Deploying Smart Contracts on it is considerably effortless for developers with multi-language support.

Deeply rooted in science, the chain delivers to the world technological elevations on all protocol levels, resulting in a Blockchain unparalleled in cryptographic security and transaction speed. Moreover, Concordium matches a tried and tested discipline to guarantee its protocols are scientifically based without bugs in the software.

With a protocol-level Identity Layer that underpins an on-chain identity that Bictory can build on to ensure a hassle-free registration and whitelisting experience across all of the Bictory platforms. The choice will offer the Cryptocurrency market the most gratifying user experience in the Bictory Finance ecosystem.

All our users who register on the Concordium Blockchain can use the Bictory Finance platform without passing KYC/AML. That saves all the hassle that comes with identity verification on trading platforms.

Check Out Bictory Finance

Our mission is to contribute futuristic products and services never experienced in the market. Our locus includes implementing a global Crypto community as we provide the most reliable ecosystem and endeavor to give instinctive and savvy products.

Kindly read the Bictory Litepaper to know more about what we are diligently administering and presenting to the world of digital assets. Read about all of the issues concerning Bictory Finance and ask all the puzzles on your mind.

And don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels for current updates about the project. Always stay safe in these difficult and uncertain times!

Stay Bictory!

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A Safe Place — CEX | DEX | NFT Marketplace | Concordium Name Service (CNS) — Building across Chains.

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A Safe Place — CEX | DEX | NFT Marketplace | Concordium Name Service (CNS) — Building across Chains.

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