Private Sale Round C Comes To A Close!

Private Sale Round C [Closed]

Launching for the moon requires enormous momentum and rocket fuel, and so does actualizing an idea. At Bictory finance, we may not be shooting rockets to the stars or building dancing robots, but we are on a mission no less important by any means. We are building the user-friendly yet sophisticated tools and channels necessary to usher the world into the generation of compliant virtual assets and chart its course into regulated mainstream adoption.

Recent exploitations, legal brawls, policies, hearings, and other events validate our value propositions. Our community of supporters, advisors and contributors have recognized the market opportunity and are valiantly aiding the fruition of our mission.

We’ve meticulously toed the line of our proposed tokenomics to garner the rocket fuel and momentum we’ve estimated necessary to erect a safe haven for all participants in the DeFi and NFT space, be it a builder, creator, or trader. In addition to our previous successful private sale rounds A and B, we are proud to announce closing another round of sales — Round C.

With a floor price of $5k, three million (3,000,000) of Bictory finance’s utility token, $BT, was sold at the price of $0.75 per token, to raise a total of $2.25M. Not only does this buttress our financial foundations, but it also unlocks more partnership channels towards our growth and expansion prospects. We are most excited about this and what’s in store in the coming months. As documented on the Bictory litepaper, five million tokens were allocated to this round of sale. However, we’ve taken an alternate strategic route of selling three million and allocating what’s left, i.e. two million $BT, to the soon-created Bictory Foundation.

The Foundation will foster the adoption of regulation-compliant platforms and tools in the DeFi and NFT space, including Bictory finance’s suite of products. Allocated tokens will be used for fostering community growth, incentivizing our ambassadorship program, regulated DeFi education, charitable contributions, and more.

Of the total 25M tokens earmarked for sale, the outcome of this round advances the total number of tokens sold to a little below 45% (excluding Foundation tokens) of the sale supply and the total amount raised to just below $6M. We take great pride in this and are grateful to all who have contributed to keeping this project forging ahead. These token sales position the project to kick off with an attractive market capitalization. The remaining sale rounds — Round D and Public Sale — offers the team an opportunity to further position the project attractively and doggedly in community size, contributors, and partner networks, as well as market capitalizations.

This is a significant milestone for Bictory Finance. It affirms, again, our vision and mission towards building safe grounds in the wild wild west of cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs as a regulatory tsunami approaches.

Team Bictory Finance.

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A Safe Place — CEX | DEX | NFT Marketplace | Concordium Name Service (CNS) — Building across Chains.

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A Safe Place — CEX | DEX | NFT Marketplace | Concordium Name Service (CNS) — Building across Chains.

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