Protokol Co-Founder & CTO Kristjan Kosic Joins Bictory Finance

It’s once again a great pleasure to announce the newest member of the Bictory Finance Advisory Team, Kristjan Kosic. Notably, Kosic has been a pioneer in the blockchain sector for many years. He has spearheaded multiple well-known projects. Most notably, he is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Protokol. There, he is responsible for the creation and execution of the platform’s technical strategy.

There is no doubt that his years of experience helping Protokol reach its goals will translate over into valuable input for the Bictory Finance project. Moreover, given Kosaic’s track record of building scalable blockchain solutions, it’s safe to assume he will undertake similar tasks within the Bictory Finance network.

Kosic is a BSc. degree holder in Computer Science and Information Technology, Informatics in Univerza v Mariboru. His level of enthusiasm in work earned him a Research and Teaching Assistant role at the University of Maribor where he is currently studying to attain a Ph.D. in Computer and Information Sciences.

Kosic’s Past Success with startups

Kosic started his career as a Chief Executive Officer and CTO in ADORA. ADORA is an innovative Healthcare Solution firm that builds medical-grade operating theatre system software. His exposure sharpened his skills and raised his alertness about the risk management of products to consumers. In addition, he was tasked with partly managing the company’s operations and technical direction and development.

He occupied the role of Chief Technology Officer for ARK Ecosystem. He was also an executive board member where they highly respected his valuable input in developing the ARK Ecosystem. The ARK ecosystem builds tools that empower the average Joe to utilize blockchain technology.

Kosic has been creating and managing the Protokol network for years. He worked on integrating industry-leading ARK blockchain technology using efficient and simple technical solutions. One of the main features that make Protokol unique is its sharding design. This specialized structure enables interoperability and communication between custom-built sub-blockchains referred to as shards.

A quick glimpse at Kosic’s history, and you will see he is versed in a myriad of crucial skills. Specifically, he specializes in Application Development, IT Consulting, Research, Custom Software Development, Information Management, Enterprise Content Management, Business Analytics, and Information Security.

A Great Addition

The addition of Kosic to the Bictory Finance team is a big win for all parties. His experience and network would help immensely in developing all products for Bictory, considering his technical background. We are very excited to have him onboard the Bictory Advisory Board.

About Bictory Finance

Bictory Finance is a hybrid exchange (CEX and DEX) and a Crowdfunding platform for projects building on Concordium with plans on going cross-chain in the nearest future. Bictory Finance would provide the holistic substrate that crypto startups need right from raising funds, building communities, and listing on exchanges.

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