Road To The Biggest Token Sale Of The Year | October Updates

5 min readNov 2, 2022

As we approach the last two months of the year, we are glad to present another exciting tour into Bictory Finance project development and what incredible inventions the team has been engineering behind the scenes!

Stay entertained as the curtains go up, and look for exciting highlights for what’s coming.

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After the successful relaunch of Concordium naming service (CNS), the CNS domain registrations have been nothing but an easy breeze with over 1000+ names selling out in the first 72 hours, and now it’s crossed 2.5k registrations, including bitcoin.ccd, netflix.ccd and sony.ccd all taken. Exclusive and top brand names are available on our now two-week span auctions hosted on the name service web app.

Speaking of cool and top names, some are still on auction now, with just over 24 hours on the countdown timer at the time of writing. We’ve also included a particular auction for the just concluded Halloween holiday and put up the single Jack-O’-Lantern emoji, “🎃.ccd”, for auction.

👉Place your bid Here.

Free Tip ▶️ The strategy for these CNS domain collectors has been to wait for the last hour on the clock before jumping in to snap the domains they fancy. bitcoin.ccd & netflix.ccd were snapped up this way.

Will it be the same for 🎃.ccd? Only time will tell.

Get yours, and don’t miss out on all the fun we’ve planned for the CNS club.

Learn how to verify your CNS domain ownership to join the club.

By now, we’ve been actively building and setting the final touches to ensure complete integration of the BictoryNFT marketplace into the Solana blockchain. The integration will be completed within the month and pre-launch of a scholarship program for the massive Solana ecosystem. More details soon.

The NFT marketplace would be a heterogeneous mix of users from different spaces and career paths in Web3. The system is designed to reward grantees assigned roles as they explore the Bictory ecosystem & marketplace.

Speaking of the marketplace, check out our collections and creators on our launchpad, and take advantage of our weekly Meet-a-Creator Series (MCS) and Mint Fridays.

Gas Mask by CryptoAlgo (2K CCD) | Paper Squid Face by jeheycellarts (1K CCD)
ZOD1AC by stained (650 CCD) | House of madness: baby_lilith (TBA)

With only two days before the $BT’s public sale launch, several preparations have been set and are already in motion for a successful TGE. It’s not too late to be a part of the airdrop campaign, what-can-you-do-for-bictory challenge, and TG memeing!😆 To earn yourself some $BT tokens.

We are truly excited as a team to launch our very own native ecosystem token. The genesis use cases of $BT have been highlighted. This is why we shared all other updates before this, $BT is coming into a live and growing ecosystem. Find token utilities on the token page. It will be the driver of our inclusive platform and multi-chain ecosystem. 🚀

The $BT multi-exchange offering will take place at Bitforex, P2B, and Kommunitas on the 4th of November as detailed below;

✅ BitForex, 2:00 UTC. See IEO page.
✅ P2B, 11:00 UTC. See IEO page.
✅ Kommunitas, 9:00 UTC. See IDO page.

Acquiring $BT has been described as purchasing tickets to advance into an all-encompassing Web3 ecosystem. The community thinks it’s a good deal to 10x your portfolio, especially at the IDO price now of $0.95. 😉

Keep your eyes on the clock as each second is a step further to actualizing the Bictory Finance vision, and Our public sale is a HUGE step!

Our business lead and communications lead have also been on an AMA spree, educating the world about Bictory Finance, her immense and immersive ecosystem, and tokenomics. See some videos below;

Bictory team has always been one never to stop building and improving, as though we are superheroes trying to save Web3. Hence why the development of Bictory Finance’s decentralized exchange and aggregator is already underway on the “Solana-killer”, Aptos.

We’ve completed more market-making partnerships on BictoryEX to enable more listings. BictoryEX is already set to list the $BT token and the CCD coin — announcements coming soon.

Worthy of note, we implemented an infrastructure stress test with our market makers collectively envisaging trading peak times. Our infrastructure, without flinching or bulging, can handle more than 15 million page requests and 4.8 million plus orders. Pretty solid technology we have there. No room for precarious trading.

There has yet to be a date for the BictoryDEX launch, as TGE and NFT integration are our top priorities. However, the team always focuses on the golden and ultimate prize, which is to build a safe, secure and inclusive multi-chain product suite — So the DEX must be delivered.

The 30 days Tik-Tok, Youtube, and Writing contest kicked off at the beginning of October. As always, Bictorians never shy away from challenges, and at the end of October, the team was greeted with entries on the writers’ challenge majorly. We guess our community prefers expressing themselves through words, the way of the romantics.

The campaign lasted four weeks with a pool prize for winners of 1000 $BTs for each campaign. A total of 12 entries were made for the writing contest, and you can view their submissions by scouting the #BictoryFinanceEco hashtag on Twitter. See the “Latest” Tab.

Once again, happy new month Bictorian and for our closing scene to end the year, we have a few surprises up our sleeves, so don’t blink lest you miss the moment’s magic.

We shall meet again soon.

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