TGE? We’ve Planned Something Amazing!

3 min readOct 12, 2022


Bictory Finance Weekly Digest

Is our TGE delay worth the wait? After reading this weekly update, you tell us. 😉

Welcome to another weekly newsletter. We’ve been planning the biggest token sale to end the year. We’ll share you the details. Brace yourself else, you might get blown away!

First, we are pumped to inform you that we have a fixed date for our Token offering! 🎉

Our public token sale offering is now set to happen on the 4th of November, 2022. We’ve partnered with several exchanges to have a triple public offering across CEX’s and DEX’s! With the following arrangements, Bictory Finance will have two initial exchange offerings (IEO’s) and an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) with a hard cap of $300k at a token price of $0.95;

  • IEO on P2B
    Target Raise ➡️ $60k
    Time ➡️ 11am UTC
  • IEO on BitForex
    Target Raise ➡️ $70k
    Time ➡️ 2am UTC
  • IDO on Kommunitas
    Target Raise ➡️ $150k
    Time ➡️ 9am UTC

$BT is already listed on the most popular crypto data aggregators. Check out $BT on ⤵️

✔️ CoinMarketCap &

✔️ Coingecko

Learn more about the Bictory Finance ecosystem token ($BT) here.

Active Ecosystem Contests

We’ve launched a contest for creators to creatively educate the crypto community about the Bictory finance ecosystem and win from a prize pool of $2000 worth of $BT tokens. If you like to participate in any of the challenges. You can find them below;

✔️ Bictory Finance Writing Contest

✔️ Bictory Finance Youtube/Tiktok Contest

Ask Us Anything! We Mean It.

We’ve been on an AMA streak. We’ve been taking questions from different communities about Bictory Finance. It’s been an exciting ride! The questions strengthen the quality of our value propositions and gives the team extra certainty that its building a market sought product suite.

Bictory Finance x Kommunitas AMA

CNS Auction

There’s only about 2hrs left on the CNS auction countdown clock. Domains on auction include private.ccd, bitcoin.ccd, 01.ccd, netflix.ccd, ferarri.ccd, official.ccd and a lot more interesting names!

Place a bid ▶️

Building TerrestriaX

We’ve got more models to show off! Let’s go!

Badland Bunnies

The Solana NFT community is not ready for what we are about to hit them with! We are not just working on the design models shown above, we are building alongside some IRL valuable utilities which will sustain the sentimental values these NFTs find in the NFT market.

We’ve built a robust ecosystem of live products and as our public token sale approaches we are designing the an inclusive tokenomics across all platforms and blockchains to make $BT a true utility token, one with utility the community appreciates.

What’s happening in Crypto?

▶️ It’s now harder than ever to mine Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining difficulty at an All-Time-High as the network’s difficulty rose 14% to of 35.6 trillion on Monday. Read more here.

▶️ More Ethereum is now being destroy than being created as Ethereum turns deflationary for the first time since its switch to Proof of Stake. Read more here.

▶️ The Ethereum Proof of work fork (ETHW) is not doing so well. It’s token price is down more than 86%. Read more here.

Bictory Finance Team.

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