The BAYC of Concordium — Terrestria

This article is a detailed description of the Terrestria NFT collection from Bictory Finance as well as a guide on how to mint it.

It covers;

  • Terrestria Composition
  • Terrestria Utilities
  • Comparisons with other NFTs
  • A how-to guide to mint the NFTs.

What is Terrestria?

Terrestria, the genesis and only collection with added utilities on a burgeoning chain, is a collection of 9,999 monumental NFTs in 2D and 3D spatial variations and funky swags. 4,999 in 3D and 5,000 in 2D.

The collection is inspired by eleven animals selected to keep alive the memory of some extinct animals, acknowledge some significant to financial markets, and some added for their cuteness. NFTs of the Terrestria collection are seen as an on-chain monument for these selected creatures. But they are not from here.

They may look like animals from earth, but they are from BIC-III — a planet devoid of humans where animals do not go extinct and have developed human-like intelligence, crafting devices & machines to meet their needs — and are called BICmals. There’s a whole Sci-Fi story behind their origin ready to be rolled out.

To bring these BICmals to life, Bictory finance’s in-house designers in collaboration with some of the best designers in the world with previous work experiences with Bollywood, Netflix and Hollywood. The NFTs will live on an interoperable blockchain that keeps privacy and user protection at the forefront of its design, Concordium. NFTs on this public permissionless and user-protection-oriented blockchain run on the CIS-1 protocol, accommodating both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Like Bored Ape Yacht Club on Ethereum and Degenerate Apes on Solana, Terrestria from Bictory Finance is positioned as the biggest and rarest NFT collection on Concordium in addition to its partnership with the blockchain.

Terrestria Utilities

Worthy of note, minters own full IP rights to their Terrestra BICmals and also get a 1% lifetime royalty for every secondary sale of their NFTs. This does not apply to NFTs won from airdrops and giveaways. There are no restrictions on any commercial usage or whatsoever after mint. Holders of Terrestria also get some exclusive benefits from Bictory’s suite of products (CEX, DEX & NFT Marketplace), including discounted fees, closed channels where early access to Concordium projects’ private sales, early access to Bictory products & events, additional utilities, the best ones, are kept as a surprised for later.

Terrestria VS Top NFT Collections

Terrestria NFT Distribution

There’s a total of 9,999 NFTs in the Terrestria Collection and it will be distributed thus;

  • 65% of the total NFTs will be offered for public mint with 3000 3Ds & 3500 2Ds distribution.
  • 25% of the total will be airdropped to the community through various strategic campaigns.
  • 4.9% reserved for the Project team.
  • 5% listed for sale on the BictoryNFT marketplace.

The mint limit on the public mint is capped at 6 NFTs per wallet to ensure almost even distribution.

How to Mint Terrestria

The Mint date for Terrestria is set for the 28th of April and the waitlist is already overflowing! Here’s how to mint Terrestria NFTs should you make it to the minting grounds before it’s sold out;

  • Visit (Counting down to mint day!)
  • Scan QR code to link your CryptoX wallet account.
  • Click on randomize NFT.
  • Select the NFT of your choice either 2D or 3D with the corresponding price. 2D NFTs are priced at $200 & 3D NFTs at $300 expressed in $CCD.
  • Mint!
  • Minted NFT will be assigned to the connected wallet.

The Terrestria collection is intentionally positioned to unlock more utility even surprising to the entire NFT community and Crypto Twitter as it is built with an inclusive design alongside our product ecosystem of custodial exchange, decentralized exchange and NFT marketplace. Referring to the collection as the BAYC of Concordium may be a close-to-accurate description for it now, but it will present a more impressive offering to the space from all indications.

See you on mint day!



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