The Benefits of Bictory Finance for Decentralized Crowdfunding

There are many advantages of decentralized crowdfunding today. It is not only considered to be more accessible but also for companies looking to raise money quickly. Another most significant benefit of decentralized crowdfunding is transparency and cost-efficiency.

Advantages Bictory Finance for decentralized crowdfunding solutions is visible for everyone to see. More transparency, global availability, and lower fees will benefit companies and investors. To make these benefits, all will need to enhance the overall appeal of blockchain-based crowdfunding solutions.

Bictory Finance for Crowdfunding and its popularity

Crowdfunding has been popular to democratize fundraising for many new-age startups.

It lets innovators run campaigns for raising funds for their research or production. Bictory Finance is also developing a decentralized crowdfunding platform designed to enable startups to raise capital to build applications on Concordium Blockchain. Funding is usually a pain point for most crypto startups. And Bictory Team hopes to bridge that gap with a crowdfunding platform; this will help raise early-stage funding, adequate to launch and scale their blockchain projects.

Crowdfunding on Bictory Finance

Nowadays, Blockchain is prevalent in many industries, and it provides different advantages. These advantages of Blockchain are as follows.

Bictory Finance has covered more ground than a crowdfunding app, or a platform would need to. Crowdfunding is a billion-dollar market which is the first step towards making this space more efficient and friendly with Bictory Finance.

It helps investors or donors discover exciting projects and invest or donate money to those specific projects.

How Bictory Finance can revolutionize with its crowd-investing platform.

Regarding shares, there is currently some obstacle before creating an utterly automated transfer. To combat money laundering, the Financial Action Task Force, an international organization that drafts AML recommendations for the governments to create a level playing field, requires the shareholder’s identification, even in the case of bearer shares. Consequently, by issuing digital shares, the issuer will have the ability to identify the investor.

Additionally, Bictory Finance can assist in returning the authority and decision-making power connected to the project to the entrepreneur instead of delegating those to the capital providers.

  • Disadvantages of crowdfunding platforms;

Even with all the above limitations of current crowdfunding platforms, Bictory Finance can best put Bictory Finance to use by providing provable milestones as contingencies forgiving, with smart contracts.

Bictory Finance is gathering momentum, creating new and exciting opportunities for people around the world. Consequently, crowdsourcing has revolutionized to unlock new use cases and enable global outreach.

In conclusion

With Bictory Finance, a new era in crowdfunding is on the horizon.

The main advantages of Bictory Finance for crowdfunding to see why everyone should start embracing this space are as follows.

  • There are not any geographical restrictions;

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