Unboxing BictoryEX — A Comprehensive Review of BictoryEX

Easy Sign-Up/Sign-In Process

Signing up on BictoryEx is a no-sweat process. A new user just needs to fill out a simple data form that captures a few personal information, including full names and email. A password is created by the user at this stage as well. BictoryEX intelligently gauges the strength of the password set for the user, as seen on the password strength bar. We recommended that the password contains at least eight characters in length, including at least one of the letters in CAPs, at least a number, and a special symbol. Pretty standard.

BictoryEX Signup Screen
BicoryEX Account Security
Screen.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits & Withdrawals are usually the first set of features tried out by new users, perhaps after they set account security. BictoryEx incorporates deposits and withdrawals for all of the assets listed. Depositing a supported asset is as easy as it gets. It can be done in 4 simple steps from the point of Sign Up or Sign In.

  • Step 1 > Sign Up or Sign In to your BictoryEX account.
  • Step 2 > Open the wallet panel (See side navigation bar)
  • Step 3 > Hit deposit on the currency of choice.
  • Step 4 > Select the network, copy the deposit address, or Scan the barcode.
BictoryEX Deposit Page
  • Step 3 > Hit withdraw on the asset of choice.
  • Step 4 > Input the amount of asset to be withdrawn (Hit MAX to withdraw all)
  • Step 5 > Paste in the destination address (Select destination network if need be)
BictoryEX Withdrawal Page

BictoryEX Markets.

On successful sign-in, the first screen the user is presented with is the markets page. Still with the side navigation stationed at the left side, this page contains a dark-purple gradient background slider at the top, highlighting the high-cap assets within BictoryEX, including the 24hr trade volumes and % price change, current price, and a wavy-line chart.

BictoryEX Markets
Categories & Search Bar

BictoryEX Trades & Orders

This page can be accessed by clicking on any asset pairs or the trades navigation section stationed at the top. This screen presents the user with a detailed charting view powered by Trading View, trade pairs, order book, and the order execution panel.

BictoryEX Trade View

BictoryEX Referral Programme

The signup form has an option referral code field which will be used to launch BictoryEx’s first referral campaign soon. To find your referral code to share with your friends, go to settings and see the referral tab to fetch a referral ID and link. The tab also has a dashboard to track the count of your referrals and how much you’ve earned.

BictoryEX Referral Dashboard

Notifications, Wallet & Other Navigation Shortcuts

At the top-right of the navigation bar are some essential shortcuts, including balances, wallet, notifications, and settings, making the speed of user navigation from point A to B on BictoryEX almost telepathic.

Notifications & Shortcuts



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