We Are Ready For This! Are You?!

3 min readOct 26, 2022


Bictory Finance Weekly Digest

10 days left until our multi-exchange TGE & Public sale event!

Let the countdown begin! 🥳

All preparations are set, and our exchange partners have commenced announcing the token offering event sprinkled with other marketing activities to ensure it gets the necessary visibility.

Don’t miss $BT campaigns with the Kommunitas launchpad.

✔️Kommunitas Priority Project Announcement

Announcement Tweet

✔️Join the Whitelist slot competition.

✔️$BT Airdrop with Kommunitas

Announcement Tweet

Our IEO with Bitforex has been announced! See the announcement here.

Announcement Tweet.

P2B announcement underway!

Fully geared up for the $BT token sale. We are ready, are you?!

CNS Registrations & Auction Updates!

Over 3k CNS domain registrations! More brand names are being registered by the day. We’ve recorded unilever.ccd, fortnite.ccd, reddit.ccd taken last week! 🎉

Are these brands already on Concordium?! We can’t say, it must be the world’s best kept secret if they already are. We do know though that several metaverses and esport games have selected Concordium to be their blockchain of choice.

Are Gaming CNS names about to surge?! 🚀

Concordium’s layer 1 zk ID verification brings to web3 what’s been missing, the balance between privacy and security — a balance the gaming industry is in dire need of. Learn about the partnership with PlaybaseGG here.

🛡️ New names on Auction! 🛡️

CNS domains auction round 4 is live! Some exciting 3L & 4L words, including god.ccd & eth.ccd, on sale. See full Auction List.

Vintage BictoryNFT Mints

Explore some of the earliest minted collection on our NFT marketplace. Perhaps you’ll find something that catches your fancy. We have the best artwork in all the NFTspace!

Mystify | Riri_onigiri
Beheaded Collection | Monyo
Luminance | Lunii
MACROCOSM | Artnolfo
The Hounds | KJsalazar
FOLKSY | myxmico

What’s Happening In Crypto?

  • Reddit NFTs lead to millions new crypto wallet created, fostering further NFT adoption. Read more here.
  • Apple doesn’t want this adoption to go so far. The company has emphasized that it will not honor apps that unlock more content with NFTs in its App store. Read more here.
  • Another flash loan attack in DeFi. Polygon-based Quickswap exploited of $220k. Read more here.

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