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Welcome, bictorian.ccd,

Here’s our pulse update, If you missed our mail & newsletter. Let’s do some previously on “Building with Bictory” — the Monthly pulse edition.

Due to some minor hiccups the Concordium Naming Service was set to relaunch on the 22nd of September. Following a public announcement in that regard, re-testing, and a few tweaking, the launch showed us quite a peculiar side to both Concordians and Bictorians with bizarre and hilarious discussions between both communities. It is one of our most successful launches yet with a record of more than one thousand CNS names already bagged, in just 72 hours after the relaunch, if you are yet to bag a CNS name, you can do so via the link below;

Grab Your CNS Domains ➡️ Here!

In-you missed our previous weekly newsletter update, here are a few links on how to own a CNS name and be part of the CNS holders club:

In addition to owning a name and joining the CNS Club, which isn’t just a community of CNS holders alone but also an avenue to have CNS early adopters reap from their own seed of investment. If you’re interested in owning a club, complete the form below or reach out to us.

CNS Club Ownership Form

The team has set about to fully integrating CNS domains into other wallets and dapps. With this, the exchange of CNS domains on BictoryNFT will be halted until the integration is complete.

Also, in case you missed the auction, more auctions will be announced, but while you wait in subsequent times, you can follow the “Did You Know” series — it’s a 14 days campaign of new and interesting facts about CNS.

Follow us here and spread the word! As a truebictorian.ccd who knows maybe this CNS domain is still available!

Wen Launch?

We know, We know,

After the successful launch of our star girl “CNS”, the next biting question is WEN TGE?

Before we get into that, The “Bictory tidings” giveaway is still on! We will be gifting $60k worth of $BT. To participate simply:

Fill out the google form completely (complete all the tasks as required), as distribution would commence on December 1st 2022.

With that little present out of the way, let’s get to it. Although no specific date has been reached, however, the team’s listing plans are near completion and from conversations with our exchange partners, the most feasible time for best performance is November. We are aiming towards the first week of the month.

Ahead of TGE, subsequent emails have been sent to our contributors’ community for submission of non-custodial Solana wallet addresses to receive their SPL $BT token. We recommend Ledger or Web Phantom wallet.

If you’re yet to receive a mail from us, reach us at BT@bictory.io.

In the coming days and weeks, stay up-to-date as we will kick off campaigns with cash prizes, $BT, and NFTs as consolation prizes. We’ve just launched a $1000 writing contest about the Bictory Finance ecosystem! Let’s see how well our community knows what we are building and also how well they can educate others about it.

Although we’ve had to focus on CNS as our star product for the month of September, you can best believe that the team’s power is one of multitasking.

As we approach optimum functions and development in our suite of products, we always ensure that the next phase of our journey’s foundation is laid in steady stages, brick by brick, layers by layers.

Hence why we have steadily built the bridge to integrate Bictory-NFT to Solana. As you know, we foresee Bictory as a portal to a complete DeFi suite across multiple chains, the goal has always been this, and Solana is just the first step to actualizing this vision,

See our Litepaper.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to usher you into a new age of Bictory’s multi-dimensional, multi-chained suite of products, as we are well on our way to laying the final blocks towards Solana.

If you haven’t been participating in our weekly events like “Mint Fridays” and “Meet a Creator Series” , then here’s a quick speed updates, the month of September was kicked off with a 30days challenge for the creators in our community with a $500 cash prize reward for our creators, and we’ve seen a tremendous increase in social activities from 95% of our creators with some dedicating some artwork and fan-art work to the team. Below are a few pieces of art from two of our creators Lesu and Yumi.

We can confidently say that not only do we aid our creators in building value for their NFT collections we also teach them the basics of utilities and also the importance of social interactions, hence why over 80% of our creators all have active Twitter accounts and are steadily built their followership over time. To follow up on the discussions and daily task completions and activities for the 30 days challenge view here.

For our newest collections, visit our Launchpad and check out what’s new on the block. Here are a few teasers of our two newest collections;

Bictory Punk Toadz:

Mint Date: Sep 30, 2022

Mint Price: 3K CCD


Mint Date: Sep 29, 2022

Mint Price: 650 CCD

We recently onboarded an amazing creator, Kurama; a national art genius with multiple state and national championships under his belt. The month of October holds great possibilities, with newer creators and collections joining, and even talks from our creators to voluntarily to build a ‘Bictory guild.’

Speaking of NFTs! Have you seen our new mutilated & ultra-bionic of our NFT collection TerrestriaX? The badlands indeed!

Here are a few sneak peek’s at the newest designs.

Meet The “Sol-ess Shark” and the Zigmore the “Bionic Bull”

The bionic make up is such that the rigs of the very NFT itself have been re-done to give it a more life-like visualization. The bionic arms and rarity of each NFT have taken a completely new conceptualization, as the entire NFT collections have been altered, due to the story line and the re-evolution of Terrestria to TerrestriaX. Each NFT animal representing TerrestriaX has been taken apart and put back together to present the bionic soldier you see before you.

Here are a few more model NFTs.

The launch of TerrestriaX and Bictory NFT on Solana shall be announced in November, Again! 🚀

And finally, the month of September 2022 is another closed chapter in our books, with the ink of productivity covering our hands. With still so much to do, the endless possibilities only makes the fresh smell of October all the more enticing and the team has developed an ingrained appetite for success and with your sol-support we hope be carve a thanksgiving October.

Team Bictory Finance.

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