Which are you most excited about — The Merge Or CNS Launch? | September 12, 2022

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Bictory Weekly Newsletter


Some exciting events coming up this week; The Ethereum Merge is one, the launch of the Concordium Name Service (CNS) is another! 🚀

September 15th will be truly memorable across the Web3 space! We are excited to be making history!

The Concordium Name Service (CNS), set to go live September 15th, is the wallet name service on the Self-Sovereign ID professional blockchain network, giving users a preferential choice of names over addresses. Aimed at professionals, It becomes the first naming service to include LinkedIn profile validations and other related community-driven domain clubs.

CNS Domains on BictoryNFT

Ahead of the launch, we’ve integrated CNS domains into BictoryNFT! With this integration you can;

✔️Explore CNS Domains on the BictoryNFT Marketplace

✔️ Buy and Sell CNS Domains on BictoryNFT.

✔️Auction CNS Domains ( Coming Soon )

Have you seen the Concordium Name Service introduction trailer? It highlights the characteristics, some unique features, and use cases of CNS domains. See CNS Intro explainer video;

You can get one of 6+ characters domain names for free. Join our launch celebration campaign on Twitter. See announcement.

Features Of CNS

CNS Domains similar to other blockchain domains are;

  1. Decentralized and immutable. Only owner controls domain and domain information.
  2. Ownership is provable and transferrable on the blockchain.

Unique to the CNS Domains are;

✔️Social Proof wallet name with LinkedIn account.

✔️ANY UTF-8 string under 64 bytes per subdomain label is supported, Including single and double character names.

Wallet names on the Concordium blockchain are also cheaper in registration fees than domain names on other chains as seen below;

CNS Pricing Structure & Club Ownership

1 character : To Be Auctioned
2 characters: $150/year
3 characters: $100/year
4 characters: $60/year
5 characters: $15/year
6+ characters: $10/year

Note: The max subscription period or Time To Live (TTL) before renewal is 3 years.

We are also giving an opportunity to Concordians and Bictorians to own and manage CNS clubs and build their individual communities and earn some rewards. To learn more about this, see the club ownership presentation. And if you love a challenge and find it interesting, apply here.

Product Launch AMA

To mark the launch day, Bictory Finance will be answering the community’s questions in a Concordium-hosted AMA. Our Technical Project Manager, Wisdom Augustine and Director of BictoryNFT, Minrie Macapugay, will be discussing with Concordium’s Brand manager, Mark Basa to outline all of the potentials of the CNS and how to get one.\

CNS Launch AMA

BictoryNFT Updates

Again, we’ve brought it new creators for another Mint Friday. Fresh art, Fresh out on BictoryNFT. See the list of creators below;

  1. AOBN: Violet Spades
  2. PUNKY FRIENDS: Lilyacia
  3. Cyberpunk Beast: mmiikkeell
  4. Horned Twins: Cinnamoon

👉See launchpad list.

One of our creators deserves the spotlight on this update. He’s been making customized NFTs for Minters. You might want to mint one of his NFTs to get your custom NFT.

  1. Kids from different Universe. All kids are unique, ranging from ordinary to extraordinary. If you mint a Lesu NFT, you get a free customized LESU inspired NFT with your own image.
Custom Lesu-inspired NFT Art.


  • Solana Integration is almost done! After a few tests, it’ll be ready to roll out! 🔥
SolanaNFTs on BictoryNFT
  • CCD is coming to BictoryEX! 👐
Hello CCD!

Excited week ahead and we are moving through it full steam ahead! 🚀

Considering all you’ve read, we ask again, which are you most excited about — The merge or CNS Launch?

Bictory Finance Team.

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