Why Everyone is Excited about the Bictory Finance TGE & Public Sale!

4 min readOct 19, 2022


Bictory Finance Weekly Digest

Another week of exciting updates! Let’s first share the excitement we’ve seen amongst bictorians concerning our upcoming token sale event. It’s amazing!

The Bictory token sale was pushed back a couple of times, but now, a date has been fixed on the different exchanges the offerings will be happening, and Bictorians are excited! We’ve seen more participation in our campaigns, more activities and contributions in our communities and socials, and some of those “wen moon?” and “wen Lambo?” questions! 😆

But What are some of the reasons they are excited?

  • Multi-Exchange Offering — Bictory Finance is the first project to hold a triple-exchange offering across leading exchanges simultaneously. In addition to the high probability of success it guarantees, it significantly raises the visibility of Bictory across the different continents where these platforms hold good market share.

See the previous week’s newsletter to learn more about what we’ve planned.

  • Live $BT Powered Products — The ecosystem token, $BT, is not going live in anticipation of launching products for it to find utility. It’s being injected into an ecosystem of live products with growing demand.
  • Multi-platform & Cross-chain Utility — The Bictory Ecosystem already contains three live platforms and an NFT collection that spans across two blockchains. This includes a centralized exchange, NFT Marketplace, and a naming service interacting with the Concordium & Solana blockchains. BictoryDEX is underway!
  • Limited & Deflationary Supply — The max supply of the $BT token is 100M, and its tokenomics include a quarterly buyback and burn with 25% of the company profit, to distribute value back to our ecosystem users and token holders.

Those are some pretty compelling reasons, right? Right!

ICYMI > Memo To Early Contributors!

Another reminder: We’ve sent an email to everyone to submit their non-custodial Solana wallet address to receive their SPL $BT token. If you’re yet to see the mail, kindly check your inbox & spam. If not found, reach out to us via BT@bictory.io.

Please do not send in an exchange address. We recommend using a ledger or a Phantom wallet.

Extension of CNS Round 3 Auction

Round 3 of the CNS domains auction has been restarted/extended by another seven days, due to some technical issues experienced with placing bids on some names, which has now been fixed. Subsequently, auction rounds will now take two weeks.

Before the restart, netflix.ccd was registered! 🎉

There are some new additions in this extended round, including;

  • savings.ccd
  • invoice.ccd
  • freemarket.CCD

Place a bid ▶️ app.ccd.domains

BictoryNFT Updates.

We are proud to see how strong our creator’s community is growing! BictoryNFT creators from South East Asia have formed a guild with a vision to build a healthy and positive community that will develop and promote Bictory Finance and its creators to the NFT space.

If you’d like to support these creators, follow them @BFCreatorsGuild. Let’s build a healthy community of creators! 💪

New Mints on BictoryNFT

Find some newly minted art on BictoryNFT marketplace on BictoryNFT Launchpad. New listings happen every Friday!

Punky Monkey by Jephotumez | ZOD1AC by Stained | ELFIN HAREM by Jhezer
BORED KOALAS by Valor | Ok Toons by Ashhh


We’ve got some new models! You like?


Our collection will be complete soon! Do you have a favorite badlander yet?

Opportunities To Earn Some $BT are still Opened!

Are you a creative? Writer, Videographer, or artist, there are opportunities to earn some $BT still open if you haven’t participated yet.

$1000 worth of $BT prize pool writing contest.

$1000 worth of $BT prize pool Youtube/TikTok contest.

5000 $BT prize pool “What Can You Do For Bictory Finance” campaign.

What’s happening in Crypto?

  • The most anticipated blockchain, Aptos, dubbed “The Solana Killer,” is Live! Read more here.
  • Following a successful PoS transition, Ethereum devs are gearing up for the next major network upgrade Shanghai. Read more here.
  • DeFi gains praise again as its operations run smoothly without hiccups, even in turbulent markets. Read more here.
  • Mastercard makes another big move to bring Crypto closer to Tradfi institutions. Read more here.

We keep building and keeping watch of the fast-growing crypto space! Bictory is not far away!

Team Bictory Finance.

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