Why You Should HODL The $BT Token

4 min readNov 4, 2022

The Web3 technology is coming off strong! It’s aiding philanthropic movements, changing how we make payments and invest, toppling how creators build a fanbase, helping nations avert oppressive sanctions, and, perhaps most importantly, changing how we handle our identity and data online.

Endless use cases keep springing up day after day to solve one existing problem or the other. Payments was its first point of attack, but this new iteration of the internet is unraveling new economic models across different industries, including gaming, art, music, real estate, and even the government.

What can we infer from this? Web3 is already at the doorstep of mainstream adoption, knocking. Only a matter of time before some event opens that door. We can also deduce that for a single user, it solves a cluster of problems whilst providing many avenues for earning. However, for a space as vast and wild as web3, surfing different platforms for solutions that meet our particular needs can be pretty daunting.

It’s almost certain that a web3 solution seeker will hit one or two rug pulls, overwhelming on-chain fees, scams and Ponzi, and three or four moon promises. Before this person gets to a convenient solution, he is either mentally fatigued or now deeply skeptical of web3 solutions.

Bictory Finance is working to save users the stress of moving from platform to platform. As a web3 technology company, Bictory Finance is building a safe and inclusive ecosystem of products and services so that Web3 users, enthusiasts, and investors alike can access all of web3 in one place powered by its ecosystem token — the $BT Token.

This is precisely why the Bictory Finance Ecosystem and its native token are valuable. The ecosystem provides;

  • Safety
  • Proximity to solutions, even across chains.
  • Cross-platform interoperability/inclusion

The $BT token is the primary driver of this ecosystem. Its integration binds it together as a value economy to foster its components’ inclusivity and user-centeredness.

$BT Features

Here are some qualities you should know about $BT;
1️⃣ Utility-Based — The $BT Token is backed by four live products in the Bictory Finance ecosystem of web3 solutions, including centralized exchange, BictoryEX, Multi-chain NFT Marketplace, BictoryNFT, and Collections — Terrestria & TerrestriaX, and blockchain naming service on Concordium. It will find use cases within these individual product components and create value connections between them.

2️⃣ Multi-chained — The $BT ecosystem spreads across chains, currently covering Concordium and Solana. Aptos, Polkadot, and Ethereum are other chains on the ecosystem encroachment radar. This means exposure for the Bictory Finance ecosystem and token as it facilitates cross-chain asset/value transfer.

3️⃣ For Investors & Community — $BT tokenomics prioritize community and ecosystem development over the team hoarding tokens. You can view our tokenomics on our token page.

4️⃣ Decentralised — A widespread distribution of tokens to prevent no monopolistic control of the token market. Addresses holding huge chunks of tokens are vested and emitted over a long span.

5️⃣ Permissionless — $BT is an SPL protocol token, not a CBDC. Transactions are not controlled by any central body. It can be traded in the free market by anyone. Exchanges it will be listed on will be announced after the IEO.

$BT in The Bictory Ecosystem

The BT token is an Inclusive Cross-chain Ecosystem Utility Token that binds together and drives the Bictory ecosystem of user-centered, inclusive and interoperable Web3 solutions.

It’s leveraged within and across the product components of the ecosystem to establish a value economy for the ecosystem participants and secure it. Some of the utilities of $BT within the ecosystem include;

  • Staking
  • NFT Launchpad access on BictoryNFT
  • Registering CCD domains on CNS
  • Listing & trading fees discount

As a deflationary mechanism, Bictory Finance will use 25% of the ecosystem profit to distribute value back to the holders of $BT with a buyback and burn scheme every quarter.

In addition to the utilities highlighted above, Bictory finance is looking to explore that synergistic relationship between all of its ecosystem components. Think NFTs serving as collaterals for trading vouchers. Think of implementing CNS domain names as user IDs within BictoryEX, BictoryNFT, and BictoryDEX. Our novel proactive market-making (PMM) initiative also springs from this concept.

Bictory Finance is building an ecosystem of convenience for all web3 users. A single portal to relevant web3 solutions across blockchains and the $BT token is pivotal to achieving this; for the product components of the ecosystem as well as its participants.

The $BT multi-exchange offering (IDO & IEO) has begun!

✅ BitForex, See IEO page.
✅ P2B, See IEO page.
✅ Kommunitas, See IDO page.

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