An Introduction of Bictory Crowdfunding Platform

Bictory Finance is building a Crowdfunding portal, among other products and services, that will change the face of the fundraising industry in Cryptosphere. The platform’s goal is to bootstrap projects that will deploy on the Concordium Blockchain.

Also known as Launchpads, crowdfunding protocols are springing up rapidly to replace Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to enable Crypto Asset projects to raise funds for development. This model has proven to be superior to earlier processes that leave room for manipulation and fraud.

However, some of these Laundpads have lapses that need rectifying with better thought-out designs. The entry requirements for some of these platforms prevent many from participating in whitelisting and public sales.

For instance, the Guarantee Allocation mechanism adopted by most Crowdfunding protocols limits those without deep pockets from participating in public sales. Such preferential treatment only gives whales and sharks the undue advantage of access to a project’s tokens.

These are some of the impediments Bictory finance wants to remove to allow a seamless fundraising experience in the space without compromising security and decentralization. We are building an ecosystem that gives equal opportunity to anyone who wants to invest.

Bictory Crowdfunding

We have designed our Crowdfunding platform to enable Blockchain/Crypto projects to raise capital through setting up swap pools based on a fixed purchased rate for their native currency.

The transition from ICO to Initial DEX Offering (IDO) didn’t come with bottlenecks as platforms like Ethereum are struggling with high gas fees. However, at Bictory Finance, we believe that high transaction costs cannot hijack innovation.

Our Launchpad will offer cheaper and faster transactions to allow projects to raise funds in a secure manner supported by Corcondium’s enterprise Blockchain, which has a solid security architecture. We will save you money and time in a reliable environment to take your project to the next level.

The initial plan is to cater to projects building on our parent Blockchain, Concordium, but the larger Crypto community will get the opportunity to use the platform with time. In due course, we will let the public know when the platform is open to every project in the industry.


Bictory Finance’s Crowdfunding portal has one of the most distinctive features the industry has ever seen. Check out our hallmarks:

Multichain Support: Blockchain technology has come a long way from the era where chains could not interact to a period of multichain. The platform supports cross-chain; therefore, you can transact with chains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, GTU, etc.

Cross-Chain Pools: Bictory Crowdfund will make available cross-chain pools to enable projects on other chains to operate on our portal.

Public Sales: We are building an ecosystem where projects can run public sales in a decentralized manner.

Easy Whitelisting: Several Launchpads have strenuous requirements for projects to satisfy before they can utilize the platform. Notwithstanding, we offer the easiest path to whitelisting on our platform.

Anti-Bot/Fair for All: One nagging problem with the prevailing IDO process is those who cheat by having numerous wallets to access a crowdfund. We have eliminated that by introducing an Anti-Bot that ensures a fair process in a public sale.

Audited/Researched Projects Only: Bictory Finance will ensure all projects go through an auditing and research method to protect the Crypto community from fraudulent schemes.

Instant Listing On Bictory Exchange: One of the advantages of using the Bictory Finance Launchpad is the free listing on our exchanges. At the end of the public sale, the token is listed on our DEX and CEX instantly.

AML/KYC Compliant: The platform will be Anti-Money Laundry and Know Your Customer compliant. But if you register on the Concordium Blockchain, you wouldn’t need to do AML/KYC since we are leveraging their ID layer.

Welcome to the future today! Bictory is committed to providing the global Crypto community with the most secure ecosystem. We are endeavoring to give intuitive and savvy products in the market.

Don’t forget to read the Bictory Litepaper to grasp what we are bringing to the world. To be on top of issues with Bictory Finance, kindly follow us on our social media channels for the latest updates about the project.

Stay safe in these intricate and dangerous times! Stay Bictory!

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